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The Swap Shop is an online shopping club - it’s the largest online wellness club, kind of like a mixture of Costco and Wholefoods delivered directly to your doorstep. Right NOW it’s only $1 for a yearly membership. After that, its just $19 a year. What I love the most is that this is no extra money and you are just switching stores. Instead of going to Target or Walmart for your laundry soap and toothpaste and snacks and coffee and all your personal care items... Literally almost 500 different products and all greener and cleaner and healthier for your family shipped right to your door. The membership comes with a ton of perks. You get $100 in loyalty dollars to use on products.  When your $100 is up you get 15% back on every purchase... I mean how cool is that? Getting paid to buy things I have to buy every month anyways. We can also shop online from over 00 stores like: Target, Best Buy, Sephora, Expedia, Home Depot and more, and get cash back up to 30 percent.  In return they just ask that you place a 35 pt order per month... I say ask cause you aren’t locked in and you can cancel your membership anytime.  35 pts equals about $65 but seriously most of my customers order like 100 pts a month cause they just completely stop going to Target. I have saved so much time and money and gotten so much free stuff.

Best part... You don't have to drag your kids to the store while 1 is whining about riding in the basket bc his "legs hurt and can't walk" and the other is yelling "No Ky, you can't ride! Don't touch!" And I'm threatening to leave them there and all the little old ladies are giving me ugly looks. �

And the products aren't over priced. Or products you won't use. Or things you have to change your lifestyle to use. Its things that you already buy at Wal-Mart - you just don't have to get dressed or shoes to get them and you're saving money!!! 

What I love the most is I get to help families. Teach them. Show them the toxic things hiding in their floor cleaners and dish soaps. Help them switch to something healthier. Truly help people change their lives.

We are just customers, enjoying the bazillion perks, cutting out toxins, educating others and saving all the  kids from being poising to death!  

This article was published on 19.09.2019 by Lisa Sawenko
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Swap Shop - Health, wellness, 19 USD to join

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