Do you understand how powerful the phrase:

"Did you ever wish you were the first one to know about something before everyone else?"

Can Be?

Because that thought just came to me today on a cold prospecting call, and it resulted in an undeniable amount of engagement. In 2 seconds it changed the level of interest of a very nice hard working young lady from mild curiosity into someone that wanted to hear the whole story from this stranger on the other end of the line.

Think about it,

Google Yahoo Apple Microsoft Twitter Amazon

All of these companies started as virtually unknowns in the business world and became Giants!

Don't get me wrong, it isn't the same as just "hearing" about something new before everyone else, you have to KNOW  about it, and the only way you can is by careful and deliberate investigation.

What if...

There was a company launching in network marketing AS I AM WRITING THIS that has every earmark of that type of potential in its DNA? I was fortunate enough to be in a company like that before, and I gave up on the possibility of lightning striking a second time in my career. It is both exhilarating and terrifying.

No guts no glory!

Would it be worth a serious look?

With the projected market dynamics driving this new tech industry that estimates that over 50 million households in the next five to seven years will be using it do you think that there is money to be made on a organization of reps and customers from the ongoing sale of these products and services?

"In my 32 years in network marketing, looking at just about everything that's come down the road, I've never seen anything with as much potential as I've  seen with this. "

And in 71 seconds you just may see the same potential that a handful of us do right now.

We're small group but we have every intention of  going from zero to cruising speed in the next 12- 24 months.

I've posted enough on here for most people to understand I'm deadly serious about this business. I always have been, so I'm only looking for people who want to be leaders in a company that has the put the pieces on the board for us and are ready to play.

Leadership is a quality that is developed and nurtured by someone who has paid the price. Developing leadership within yourself and your team is the only thing that will make you a lasting income. Ground floor Opportunities by themselves don't create wealth, being skilled at this business and taking advantage of every opportunity to grow as a leader and instill that quality in others is what will establish you in this industry.

The money is simply a by product.

Billions of Dollars are waiting to be made... Why not YOU?

This article was published on 15.01.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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