Taxgal to Ketogal

I love to see the passion everyone has for their chosen company. The fun part is finding the right match for you. Well here is my story. Have a seat, prop your feet up and hear about this Kentucky girl.

I am a tax accountant by trade and I was introduced to this opportunity 5 years ago. I could not say NO fast enough. I had all the excuses that I hear everyday...I can't sell! I don't have time! I am broke (this one makes me scratch my head every time) Uhhh...isn't this a solution for being broke? Good grief. Well anyway let's fast forward to May of 2015, tax season was over and boy was I looking for a challenge. I decided to "Go for It". As you'll know when this gets in your blood you seriously are hooked. I first chose a company that I did well with but just was looking for something more. In December of 2015 I found what I was looking for!  Have you ever had trouble sleeping because you were excited to attack the next day? That is what I felt with this company. I promise I never felt that way with taxes! I am uber business minded and when I studied the potential to grow a team and earn residual income I was excited to run with it. 

So what turned my head in December? A fresh new company that was selling a pure therapeutic ketone drink. WHAT another health drink? Yes I was skeptical, aren't we all at first? I did what we are told to do, try it and see for yourself.  I thought you had to do Atkins diet for about 5 days to reach the coveted ketosis.  Too good to be true. I was told that I could get in ketosis in 60 minutes after consuming this drink. When I tested the product and felt crazy good (brain fog gone, fat melting off, more energy). I decided this was my thing, my company, Pruvit was perfect for me. I am taxgal January through April but I am ketogal ( the rest of the year. I tell prospects, this is a job you have to work it. (I am not going to tell them fluffy stuff about how easy it is) But boy is it rewarding! Find your passion and purpose and have a ball changing lives! But study the company and make sure it is everything it says it is. Then run don't walk to a better You!

This article was published on 03.08.2016 by Dana Brookshire
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