Isn't it Amazing?

Isn't it amazing how a network marketing Guru such as George Madiou who was one of the Founder's of NETWORK MARKETING MAGAZINE with its thousands of subscribers all over the world would pick a new company like READY NETWORK to join himself?

It was indeed an exciting thing to hear George tell us that he joined READY NETWORK out of the thousands network marketing companies that he had vetted, and from the thousands of great MLMs that had courted him to join their companies. Hearing those words can send a tingle down your spine when you hear them from someone like George himself. Yes, right there in front of you! It makes you realize that just maybe it wasn't to "good to be true" when you decided to join Ready Network by buying an Elite Ready Pack, and you were told that you were getting an incredible business along with with the Pack free for thirty days! Besides, you knew you were getting a $1,500  survival bag for $499.99! You may not have been sure about the business, but you knew at the time that with a value like that, you could not go wrong. But after hearing what George is saying  you know its all true!

George was speaking to us at a Thursday night meeting at the really cool Ready Network Corporate Office in  beautiful Jupiter, FL. Usually on Thursday nights, we have a training meeting of some sort. It could be team building and sales training, or cool stuff like how to operate a HAM radio and how to use channels that don't require a license. We want everyone to know how to use their survival gear.

The night George was in town was after a he had a meeting with the Ready Network CEO and Founder, Donnie D'Auria. So instead of having the training, we live streamed a meeting as George addressed a packed house of suitably impressed Ready Partners to tell us all about why he had chosen to be a part of Ready Network over so many other very good multi level marketing companies.

 George told us about all of the incredible blessings that we had already heard made Ready Network an amazing opportunity. He started with the products. He pointed to their high quality and amazing factory direct pricing. He stated without any reservation that Preparedness is an exploding business with no big players. And that "We Have No Competition." I'll repeat that, he said. "We have no competition!" He pointed to our great no loophole compensation plan that offers many easily attainable and sustainable ways to make money. He spoke of the wide diversity of our products which include everything you need to be prepared. Food, Water Purification, Survival and Outdoor Gear, Solar Power on a small or huge scale,  Survival wellness  products. Wholesale Precious Metal for investment or protection against financial collapse, and much more really cool stuff at unbeatable prices.

Another thing George emphasized was the well deserved respect he had for Donnie. George admired how Ready Network was conceived not out of a need or desire to make a lot more money for Donnie himself, but out of a real life experience for Donnie in 2004. At the time Donnie thought he had everything he needed But he quickly found out it was not enough. 2004 was when Jean and Francis made the power go out for 18 days in Ft Lauderdale.  

For Donnie  standing in FEMA and Red Cross lines after three days of no power was no fun. Standing out in the hot Florida sun with thousands of other desperate people waiting for the dwindling number of bottles of water and for the not so delicious sandwiches that were given away daily was a nightmare.  There was no place else you could go! It doesn't matter if you have money in the bank when there is no electricity  to access your debit and credit cards. They don't work! And when there is no fuel to drive away from the mess,  no water flowing to your house, and you have eaten everything in your refrigerator and pantry. You can find yourself in a pickle. And if you are responsible for your family or others you can find yourself in a desperate situation.

Donnie decided to create Ready Network after finding out how hard  it was to get the things he would need to be truly prepared. The only places to go for survival items were scattered, unreliable and expensive. He spent years building Ready Network to be the ONE STOP SHOP "SUPERSTORE" for all camping, hunting, hiking, SURVIVAL and SURVIVAL TRAINING needs. Donnie decided that in addition to providing great products, he wanted to fill a void by creating a community of like minded, prepared, financially secure, and trained individuals who could help themselves and others prepare and thrive in a crisis while building personal wealth. Notably, "The Ready Network Community" concept has already worked to some extent with the recent hurricanes and floods.  Ready Partners did come together to help each other.

It was no surprise that after scrutinizing Ready Network that George Madiou easily figured out what an amazing opportunity it was to be on the ground floor of Ready Network. He also mentioned how Ready Network would fit in with his pet project of helping Veterans and active Military. George said that the military by nature are survivors and that they are the perfect candidates for helping other people to be prepared while securing their own futures with their own home based businesses. We know that our market is anyone who wants to keep themselves, their family, and friends safe; And that is everyone!

George claims that he will be the first one to earn the $1,000,000 of GOLD BOULLION in the Ready Network Life Saving  Bonus Plan.  The funny part is that before he gets there, he will also earn an "off the grid house" in our Life Saving Community, $250,000 in cash, and $450,000 of Silver Boullion.  However, there are a lot of Ready Partners who are going to give him a run for his money to be the first to get the GOLD.   JOIN US!  visit or give me a call.

Mike Huey,

Master Distributor

Ready Network/Prep Store 

561 906-2114 direct line

This article was published on 20.10.2017 by Mike Huey
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