Picture this, a bunch of dots on a wall at the very tip of your nose.  There's nothing special about the dots at the end of your nose on the wall but you keep looking.  As you take a step back you see more dots, only this time it appears some of them are bigger then the rest.  You still take more steps back and you notice the smaller dots are one place and the bigger dots are taking up in another place.  Even more steps back you see something is forming,,,,,all these dots of different sizes are forming a picture.  When you step back a few more steps you see the whole picture.  All those dots, of different sizes, different collection and even in some cases, different colors form a picture.

The human body is a collection of cells (dots), there are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the body.  The densor the cell, the larger the cell, the longer that organ takes to be replaced.  The life span of these cells runs from a few hours to several years.  Every 60 seconds 60 million cells (dots) die.  The amazing human body replaces these 60 million cells every 60 seconds with new and hopefully BETTER cells. When you're a young person you have plenty of GOOD cells to pull from as the newer cells take their place in order.  As you age your body uses the GOOD cells and if the body doesn't get the PROPER nutrition, the cells, even though they're better than the ones that died, get weaker and weaker. (aging)

How do we make sure we're feeding our bodies with the RIGHT nutrition, we know we don't get it in our food product.  We must get it from another source,,,,,it's called a NUTRICUTICAL.  Vitamins and minerals are what the body needs every day, but did you know they're some that are better than others?

When searching for the right supplement keep in mind a few things:

1. Does it contain a preservative?

2. Is it in pill or capsual/caplet form?

3. When using it on daily bases, will it become oxidized?

4. What is the source of the supplement?

5. Where does the color come from?

6. Does it come from a NATURAL source?

7. Is heat used in the production?

Everything in a store has a shelf life, preservative, a chemical.  If they're pills, there is some kind of bounder, glue, not good.  If there is a color, most times, there is a dye, chemical.  If there is a capsual, there is a filler. (the capsuals/caolets are very seldom filled to capacity with ingredient, they use fillers)  When you open and re-open a container AIR gets inside, every time that happens the product gets weaker and weaker.  Heat destroys any nutrient in any product.  Just food for thought.

Love and Blessings

Connie Salter

310 902 3416

This article was published on 26.03.2016 by Connie Salter
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