Think out of the Box

Most of the people are thinking inside box and less people are thinking out of the Box , what is the difference between these to person ? I can say the only difference is the mindset and the choice . if you think that you can do something 100% and believe it you can do as had been tried . my recommendation as of today is think out of the box change the way you see the world , the question is how can I change the way I see the world ? the answer is you can try new things , if you are doing what you use to do you are not expecting to get a new things , if you want to get a new things you have to some thing which you never done , trail and error are part of our life , the difference between life and dies is the action ,if your action is not giving you what you supposed to get so there is some thing wrong ! so if you want to see out of the box do these steps 1. Develop a new character start today ,Rome was not built in a one day your new character has to be different from your old one . 2. start new friends attract them in social media get a positive mindset people 3. read or listen daily positive messages 

4. change totally your  self discipline  5. start changing your habit of eating  6. starting changing your time of sleeping and waking up 

All the above recommendation will show you how to start a new way of life . let me take an example for my self , I was thinking products oriented companies are not fit for Online business , to my best time of meeting one of my friends introduced me to change  they way that I am thinking and i started practicing it when I stared to see out of the Box , ui realized that I was totally in a dark room ,just believing that Online business is Affiliated related , crypto related and Digital marketing . 

Today I am with a Globallee after having been this industry since 2006 I was believing only digitals , what I came to know is that if you associate with a product based company specially those in health and wellness you are at the right truck  at the right time , why? you will get a product for your health ,you will help your friends to have the same products and so ,the community will be all healthy and if you have a healthy community you have a wealthy , health and wealth are interrelated that what i have seen out of the box , Today I have lost 14 kg using Globallee products  in 4 months and i am making more money than before , what is better than that .

I am recommending every one who is involved in MLM , Direct selling , Relationship marketing , digital marketing ,and Network marking to look out of the Box.

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This article was published on 12.05.2020 by NOUMAN OSMAN
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