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Leaving the cubicle for my open road business

Hello My name is Leslie Griggs, even as a child I have always wanted to generate my own money and be the boss. I remember in my preteen years, creating a carnival style game on my property with friends to make money. It consisted of balloons, darts, a board and prizes. We targeted the youth in the neighbor and we made money doing it. We also partook in other traditional activities like selling lemonade, cupcakes etc. Entreprenurship has always run through my veins. As an adult, spanding over a 20 year period. I have tried many work at home or on the go businesses. A lot of trial and error has gone into finding the perfect fit. I wanted to find a no Income limit opportunity which generates money, ethecially, healthy and while on the go. It also had to be duplicatable and easily executed from most anywhere in the world, at any hour, anyday, with the least amount of startup, inventory, rental space or nohow. 

I present to you my favorite, out of the cubicle, can be done over the road anywhere income and lifestyle money makers. 

I love to travel: flight, train, cruise, road trips, I like it all. What I love more than that is saving money and telling others how they can save. Everyone travels, howbeit for work, pleasure or necessity.

Paycation has you covered for whatever need arises when it comes to travel, leisure and entertainment. You can start right away for a special $99 from the time of this article. If you are tired of timeshares and the costs that are associated with them, join the exclusive Platinum travel club for less than $30 and travel to resorts for a week at a time and as often as you like for way less than the cost to maintain timeshare ownership.

I love healthy lifestyle choices for energy boosts , weight loss, detox, skin care, pain free products and more.

I was surprise and excited when I started using theses products and noticed feeling healthier. The majority of products I have tried in the past were a let down when they didn't work for me. Since total life changes I've noticed my skin appearance becoming healthier, I dropped pounds, and when I used the pain free emu oil, my elbow pain disappeared. My mom tried it too after having excruciating arthritic pain in her hands and joints, her pain disappeared as well then I knew it wasn't an isolated case of outstanding results. I love the isotea, it's simple to make and consume. I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and I've noticed improvements in my health and well being since using these products. My ultimate goal is to improve my health and stop taking medicines. These healthy products are the beginning of reaching that goal for me. 

Final note, if you are seeking a way to become financially free, achieve a healthy productive lifestyle, and travel take a look at my business suggestions above. Keep in mind to choose an area of business that you are passionate about and have a vested interest.. Seek results for yourself, first and then share your experience with others and grow your business. 

This article was published on 22.05.2016 by Leslie Griggs Dba
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