Pre-Launch! PYUR Global - Binary Compensation Plan

We have a very exciting opportunity here for you today!

Pyur Global is proven supplement company, the reason why. Our Pyur Heart monitor!

The monitor test your internal age, which yes is a real thing! Youtube - pulse wave velocity, there is great information on it.  Our products O2 and QO2 lower your internal age and keep you healthy.

O2 is a coral product from Okinawa that is in the water of the people that live the longest on earth. The most people over 100 live there than anywhere on earth. 

QO2 give you energy and Nitric Oxide into your body which promotes heart health.

And it works! I am 31 years old, tested at 42. Not cool! After 15 days on O2 and QO2 I am now at 35 and trending down. My friend Greg, 46 years old. Tested at 70 now he is down to 45, he will not get off the stuff! Bob the CEO of the company is 70 years old and has been taking the O2 product for 20 years now. Tests at 33 years old, and looks like he could kick my butt!

Why is it going to market now? Becuase all this sounds ridiculous but the Pyur Heart Monitor proves it, it is so cool to have a product that you can provide proof that it works and you also have a hook to get people in. Just put the heart monitor out of your pocket and test them. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet which show them their stats and emails them directly to them.

Finally, a supplement that proves it works with real-time data that can be shown to your clients.  

The compensation plan is a binary plan modeled off some of the top companies in the industry. Get in super early and help grow this business, how early is it? Want to talk to the President? Let me know we can get him on the call with the biggest builder in the company! Most problems with start up there is no product and no backing. Pyur Global was started by a company with 20 years in the business, the product ships in a day.  The back office is 100% up and is perfect, just like any large MLM that has been in business for years.

If you want to hear or see more check out my sites or drop me an email and get on a call.


This article was published on 27.10.2016 by Ryan Turner
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PYUR Global - Nutrition , 39.95 USD to join

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