What Makes a Successful MLM Company

1. The products have to be unique and life changing. Since the majority of health products in the industry are made by a pharmaceutical company and then that company's label is put on it, it is rare to find unique products. If a company's product is available at a health food store or on Amazon, sometimes for cheaper, it will be a lot harder to build a business.

2. The product or service has to be highly consumable. Monthly repeat sales are the best way to create a successful business. You want a business where every time someone brushes their teeth (and they see incredible changes in their oral health), drinks a caffeine free nourishing beverage (yes caffeine free) or consumes an organic whole food bar, you make money!

3. Your target market should be every living thing, from the elderly to athletes, pregnant moms, babies, pets and even your house plants. If a company's target market is people who have pain in their left pinky toe - keep looking!

4. Be leary of terms like SUPERFOODS. It's the buzzword in the industry right now. It seems that superfoods now include quinoa, coffee and chocolate. Go to your cupboard where these are already on your shelf. Have a cup or a taste and keep looking for real life changing products

5. Be careful of ground floor opportunities. These may be fine but most will end up in the basement. The majority of new MLM companies will be gone in 5 years or less. Look for companies that have been around for 20 plus years and are international. International companies ensure that no matter what the economy is like where you live, other counties may be doing well. Look at companies that are stable financially and have a well developed training system and tools.

6. Look for companies (and their owners) that have great integrity. Walk through their manufacturing plants and see how the products are made. Again - this is almost impossible in the industry. Check their website for honors and awards.

7. Once you find the right company, remember - you are here to give value to others. The more people whose lives you change for the better, the larger your rebate check. Ask questions, LISTEN for their needs and see how you can help them. Avoid the hype and deception that have given some people in the industry a bad name.

If these are things that appeal to you, check out Sunrider International at www.rayholder.ca

This article was published on 03.04.2019 by Ray Holder
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