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Hello. My name is Mirka and I am from a small country in Central Europe: Slovakia. I would like to share my story with you. For 10 years I was working full time for one charity organization. I loved the job but I did a mistake – I myself was not surviving well, not making enough money to pay my bills and have a good quality of life. I had to reorganize my life and change my operation basis. People like to help others, thats a FACT. But we cant help others if we are not able to help ourselves.

To be honest, for many, many years I disliked Network marketing. I knew little about it but I was sure its nothing for me. Boy, how I was wrong. A network marketing is an excellent strategy to make Money. But its not only about Money; its about building stable relationships with others. 

Many network marketing companies give their members holiday/vacation as an award for their production. I have found a Network Marketing that really touched my heart and it deals directly with holidays. By joing it you basically have your own home-based TRAVEL OFFICE and you can organize your holiday from home and gain a profit. There are available 6 different travel packages and you can buy that one that fits to you and your needs. The same applies to your potential customers: they can buy any of those packages.

In your own travel office you can book any accomodation, fly tickets, order a transfer, rent a car, buy your travel insurance and tickets for local attractions – ALL IN ONE and cheaper. When you sell those travel packages to others you get 90% of your commissions in cash 2 times monthly and 10% of your commissions goes to your Travel Cart and you can use those Money on your Travel Cart for any kind of travel (its basically travelling for free).

You can do a Network Marketing offline by doing public presentations, driving miles to meet your friends and potential customers, and/or online. For an online marketing you just need a laptop or desktop computer and wifi connection and its truly a home based business. But you also need something very important: KNOWLEDGE. Without a proper knowledge you can struggle and make only few bucks. 

Many companies and people teach online marketing techniques and they do it at different levels. If their teaching is on a very high level, a beginner can feel confused and overwhelmed. This would result in inactivity (my own experience). Fortunately, I have found a training platform where the training is done step by step through training packages. You can buy any training package that you can afford. The best part is that by buying a training package you buy immediately a franchise to sell these products further. So you LEARN AND EARN at the same time. 100% of commission goes DIRECTLY to you. How many training packages you sell depends solely on you.

What I like is that you can find out what it is all about in just 6-minutes. Thats the lenght of an introductory video. So make your coffee or a tea, sit down and enjoy watching:

When you are done with watching, please scroll down under the video and read deions of all training packages so you know what they contain.

Wish you a success!

This article was published on 13.11.2018 by Mirka Cillikova
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Fireflies - travel packages, 69 USD to join

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