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Step 1 For Making Better Decisions

Hey, how's it going there? This is going to be section one, module one, step one, whatever you want to call it, of how to make better decisions.

I talked about this yesterday, about how Henry Ford was a guy you could look at for how he made decisions. And the first thing that you have to do, is to take a look at the available information. Now understand, you don't want to try to look at all of the available information, because what'll happen is you'll trigger your ego to attempt to stop you from making a decision.

Because your ego knows that when you make a decision, that means you're taking responsibility. If you take responsibility and things go bad, it might be your fault, which could cause you emotional, spiritual, or even physical pain. And side note... A lot of people talk about the ego as if its only purpose is to brag about how great you are and lord yourself over other people and all these things.

And while that does happen and it's an aspect of what your ego can do, it's not what it's primarily for. Primarily, your ego is the thing that actually wants you to achieve things, so that you can develop pride and things like this. And also to protect you from pain, even perceived pain, anything that looks like it might be painful.

It's, your ego is what keeps you locked in your comfort zone, because it knows that in that area you are now completely safe, and it doesn't have to do much. It can just hang out and let you do what you want.

It's when you start making a decision about doing something new or something like that, it starts to freak out again. And you've got to watch out for it. Don't, don't bash your ego, also. That's another thing.

So you're looking at the available information and you don't want to try to get it all, because your ego will say, "Well we need more information," and you'll get bogged down in attempting to figure out all these different things. Oh, do I need, I might need to know that, and did I look over here.

This will keep you from being able to make a decision, because you'll continue to tell yourself "Why, I need more information. I have to figure everything out first." It's not true. And you can find yourself being drawn down into a quagmire of never getting anything done because you simply can't make a decision.

Most of the time what'll happen is, the opportunity will pass you by while you're screwing around, pretending you're doing research. So that right there is key number one. Look at the available information. So think of a decision you've got right now to make, and start looking around. Look at the big items, not necessarily the every minute detail. Get all that information together.

Gathering information to make better business decisions?

Start here.

In the next episode I'll talk to you about your second step. Until then, I hope you're having a great day.

It's a little bit chilly out where I am, but that's all I got for now.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm out.

This article was published on 21.07.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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