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You Have To Have Money To Save It!

 I'll say it again!

You have to have money in order to save money.   That statement is about as logical as can be.  I viewed a television advertisement from a financial planning company, asking people to indicate at what age did they, or where should people begin saving for retirement.    On this big board, there were people indicated at different ages, one mark was at age 25.  Another at age 40, and another at age 45 and so on.

America has been referred to as the richest nation in the world, yet; any keyword search of retirement and debt, how much money is required to retire or any other variation of topics, often, stats will reveal the vast number of people are ill-prepared financially for retirement,  Heck, most people do not have adequate emergency savings or if there is a retirement saving, it is grossly under-funded.

Who dreams of working during their retirement years?

For some people, it is done because they like to work.  For other, however, working after retirement is a necessity.   An expectation should not be to work till you drop and not to enjoy your "golden years?"  Our goal should be to enjoy the golden years and to work on things that are pleasing and enjoyable.  To travel the seven seas, to go back to school to pursue continuing education.  Or to be exotic and eccentric to raise hawks or travel to India and learn how to charm Cobras.

Live your today's and retire with money.

I believe the main goal for anyone planning retirement is to be debt free.  If you'd take the time to also keyword search debt, debt and retirement or how much debt do people have, etc, etc, you would find that regardless who you are, whether they are married with children, single with children, or whatever the status, most people live from paycheck to paycheck, are in debt to the hilt, and more than likely will remain in debt well into their lives and through retirement.  And odds are great that the debt incurred at age 25 will still be paid on when you die--Somebody will pay it!

The lack of money is the what.....

In this case, the lack of money is the cause of a broken and destitute future.   And the root cause of that may cause you to become desperate.  So as that card company asks, "whats in your wallet?" Let me ask you two questions, the same two questions I was asked, "I have a plan to become debt free, do you?" and "How confident are you with your financial future?"

The right information is an important step to understanding

Would you like to know how to pay off all your debts in 1/4 to 1/2 their normal time?   I can send you this information upon your request.   The first thing you will:

Receive is an approximately 16-minute video explaining how achieving debt free status is very possible.

Do you want to know more?  Receive a link to a calculator tool designed to show you how much you can save--money and time.

Attend a webcast for a complete explanation of company benefits.  I will provide the link.

If you are in your pre-retirement years or a late saver and are concerned about your financial future, information is available.  If you are a financial planner with a heart of really assisting your clients to reach their financial goals with a retirement wealth builder, by all means, take a good look.  Who knows, your clients may want to expand their portfolio. Striving and being debt free should anyone's priority.  Here's to your financial future.

This article was published on 04.09.2017 by MarkAnthony Thomas
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