I’m not telling you to do something that I’m not doing! I’m not telling you to save in gold so I can get paid. I’m getting paid and acquiring gold whether you join me or not! I’m merely trying to help you prepare in case of a castastrophic emergency!

To my Hurricane Katrina survivors, you know the pain of a catastrophic event, especially if you were not financially prepared! How many of you are prepared for any type financial catastrophe??

 I have a plan that will get you fully prepared...Karatbars! Watch video #2 here: http://therealmoney.online. 

If you see this as a viable insurance plan for any financial emergency, register, then get back with me to put your plan in affect!

To my crypto investors: 

You all saw how Bitcoin did overall. Just imagine investing in crypto backed by pure 24kt gold.  Don’t be one those who sat in question mode and didn’t take a chance. Karatbars has its own Cryptocurrency. The KBC. 

Karatbars has its own wallet.  20,000 cashgold arms purchased.  Mr. Harald Seiz is doing big things for his team. He genuinely wants to build wealth across the world. 

Somehow it always works out that the majority of people are easily led in the wrong direction but difficult to point in the right direction.. I suppose that is why Mark Twain once said 

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"

The popular thing is almost always the wrong thing. The right thing will pretty much be the thing everyone else wouldn't do.. That is how the 1% stay the 1% while the 99% stays broke... It is not what you do... It is what you know.

Most people's problem is that they think they already know it all... And know it all nearly always fall for whatever sounds good.. They know too much to learn what is good.... 

And so here we are.. With a bunch of people who trust money that isn't money... But being skeptical of money that has been money since Genesis... Go figure... Lord, I tell you what I will keep teaching and you sift them out... Amen.

At the end of the day, I am here to teach how important it is to exchange your fiat currency into real money.  IT’S FREE!!

This article was published on 10.10.2018 by Racquel Fisher
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Karatbars International - 24kt Gold; CashGold;, Free to join

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