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MultiplyWESA​ cyclic-pitch advertising and revenue sharing using WESA​ Tokens


This review was created by Nigel 'Leon' Barksfield.


I have designed and coded the one-and-only email marketing tool, Deliverer Safe List, to help marketers build their email lists using sorted and categorised emails to keep their clients feeling happy!


I would like to thank Mr Graham Frame for the idea and design of


MultiplyWESA has paid commissions to 13,390 customers since its launch at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Customers have earned $767,271 and withdrawn $410,444 (updated September, 2022). There is about $10,000 in the bonus pool at this time.


This review might aid interested people with some useful information about which is a matrix and revenue-sharing, cyclic, advertising pitch.

MultiplyWESA was created to encourage wealth transfer in contrast to wealth creation.

The WESA Token

Only 20,000 WESA tokens are available per month which means that scarcity is supposed to increase the price of the token. They are Ethereum-based and you can trade them on


The MultiplyWESA platform is designed to provide each member (multiple accounts are allowed) with worthwhile, practical, internet adverts like log-in ads, 468x60 banner ads and text ads. In exchange for a US$3 payment (in WESA tokens), you can get over US$1,000 over and over again in theory! You do not have to sign up anybody to make money, but it speeds things up if you do, because you will cycle through the matrixes more quickly.


MultiplyWESA has ten, 2x4 forced matrixes which you can fill for US$165. You can spend only US$3, and then add more investment as you wish. All internal math within the system is done in dollars to avert problems with market-price changes. However, you have to pay in using WESA tokens and you get paid in WESA tokens via the

The WESA tokens attempt to provide the 'growth element' of your share of the platform revenue. Income comes from matrix commissions and revenue sharing. Your dividend on investment is 300% (i.e. x3). For instance, $3 paid repays $9 – as long as you log in to the website each day and look at a log-in ad for twelve seconds. If you build up too many advertising credits as you fill your matrixes, you can attempt to sell them or give them away as referral incentives on your own lead capture pages, etc. All the matrixes consist of 30 places in 4 levels with two sign ups per member. You will only go through the ten matrixes from 1 to 10.

As you can see from the matrix diagram on the website, level 1 does not pay any commissions, but level 2 pays 10%, level 3 pays 15% and level 4 pays 25%.

The levels can be occupied with your own paid positions, your downline members' positions (spillunder) and your upline members' positions (spillover).

When you are in all ten matrixes only manual additions can be made for more credits, but until then the software will auto-upgrade you to improve your returns. Therefore, if you gain revenue shares to the price of the next matrix above you, then the software will autobuy the next matrix without prompting.

MultiplyWESA pays out to if you reach $25 and are in matrix 10 level. It has a $1 withdrawal fee.

Repeating income is possible with MultiplyWESA - the fee to begin a matrix again is covered by the four green matrix places seen in the diagram in level four, which pay 25% and give more ad credits. In theory, if you have paid $165, the matrixes will autocycle yielding never-stopping payments, however it is not guaranteed that this will occur.

In contrast to most schemes and matrixes on the internet, at the top of the matrixes in MultiplyWESA is the bonus pool! Mr Graham Frame will not be taking in profits from it, instead he has made it so that funds generated in the bonus pool are given to the members which means MultiplyWESA is a lot more interesting for members who join late compared to other matrix systems. The funds may also be given as prizes in a referral contest at some later date.

If your referrals are free members, you can "pay it forward" the $3 to encourage investment. You should click on 'Referrals' in your back office, choose 'Service', 'Payment Mode' and then 'Purchase'. You can see a video concerning the PIF system.

This article was published on 12.09.2022 by Nigel Barksfield
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