What If Money Was Easy.

Do you know of any business in your home town  that need funding?

Perhaps you have a vision for your own company's growth.

Is your cash flow keeping up with that vision?

We have extensive experience in the industry of private funding and we are more than prepared to handle all of your funding needs.

We offer:

Free business consultations and coaching.

Financing for business and construction equipment.

Funding for large scale commercial development. 

Hard money loans for commercial and residential.

Independent Consulting positions. 

Non-recourse stock loans and much more.

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Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.

Stephen Kupczyk



Making, Saving & Lending Money

Typical loans we handle.

Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans are similar to hard money loans, however as the name indicates the purpose is to bridge the borrower to the next transaction. It is actually a type of short-term commercial real estate funding that will be used for interim financing until the property is refinanced, sold, or the property is improved or completed.

When is a bridge loan needed? It would benefit a borrower that may have a balloon due on an existing loan and/or if the borrower needs to take down a piece of property and/or building before the opportunity no longer exists. Fast, short-term funding for commercial real estate is one of our niches, and we can facilitate funding within 10-15 business days.

Commercial Funding

Our area of expertise is in commercial land development loans on commercial real estate for rehab projects, refinancing & cash-out. Each transaction is viewed on a “case by case” and is subject to review of the entitlements, capital infusion, and geographical region in which the commercial real estate is located. With these issues satisfied, transactions can close quickly. Most of our Commercial Capital's short-term funding for commercial land development loans are non-recourse with no pre-payment penalty or exit fee and terms up to 3-years, more in some cases.

Banks have strict underwriting guidelines such as borrower’s credit, LTV, and real estate value. Good transactions often don’t get funded by banks, mainly due to current market changes along with scrutiny of bank underwriting criteria. With private hard money capital there is much more flexibility to evaluate commercial land development transactions based on their own merits. Commercial land development loans typically range from $1M on up. Residential land development loans are reviewed on a case by case basis. Getting you competitive rates and terms are our prime objectives.

Energy Projects

Project investment should be $15 million and up, with a preference for larger projects (greater than $25 million to $2 billion). We have a strong preference for operating assets or those that can be funded and construction started as soon as possible. Wind and solar projects that can't commence construction immediately are still of interest, if they are over $100 million in total capital costs.  Projects outside the US can be in the early development stages, but would need to have other compelling factors such as off-taker commitment, government commitment, and proven technologies. We can also show you how to take advantage of all tax breaks and grants.

Commercial Hard Money

What is Commercial Hard Money?

It is a type of funding, typically from a private lender, that is backed by the value of the property, not by the credit worthiness of the borrower. It has lower LTV ratios than traditional funding because the property itself is used as the only protection against default by the borrower. The LTV is typically 50%-65%, and less for raw land.

This type of funding carries interest rates even higher than traditional subprime loans. Interest rates are 10.5% - 14.5%. They are Interest-Only and Non-Recourse with no Pre-Payment Penalty or Exit Fee. Up to 3-year term available.

Consultants Needed

Now, you have the opportunity to join a group of like-minded Entrepreneurs, and Real Estate Professionals that believe in strength in numbers, security, longevity, and prosperity for all.

How do we create professionals?
By utilizing our Commercial Capital training system that was specifically designed to teach individuals how to capitalize on the huge industry of private funding and real estate investing.

By building a local and nationwide community of professionals and surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals.


Ask most people and they want 2 things: simplicity and flexibility. A business that can be learned easily, and that can generate consistent income with even a few spare hours per week.

It’s often said that “systems do not fail, people do.” While I am a lot more optimistic about the power of people, there is still a lot of truth to that statement.

Our business is simple and straight forward to begin with, but more importantly – a cornerstone of our team’s success is a system that does a lot of what we do … FOR YOU!

Imagine having the tools that help you generate leads on virtual autopilot. On top of that, imagine never having to worry about building a website, designing an ad, keeping your customers and contacts organized, selling, or struggling to find the right words.

That’s because a system works the same way, no matter WHO is at the helm!

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Making, Saving & Lending Money

This article was published on 28.02.2016 by Stephen Kupczyk
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