Three Types Of Website Traffic (Part2)

Online marketers need one thing above all else... web traffic. And not just any old traffic... they need "Targeted Traffic"... visitors who are truly looking for what you've got.

As discussed in part 1, there are three types of web traffic... "Hot", "Warm", and "Cold".

The criteria that distinguishes each type of traffic are the following:

  1.  Know... Visitors recognize that they have a problem that needs a solution.
  2. Value... Visitors value what you have to offer... a solution to their problem.
  3. Trust... Visitors trust you, and believe in the solution you offer.

"Hot Traffic", also known as "Targeted Traffic", is characterized by all three criteria: Know, Value, and Trust.

But what about the other two types of traffic? How do we categorize them?

First, let's look at "Warm Traffic"...

1. Know... yes, they also know that they have a problem.

2. Value... yes, they have looked at your offer, and they agree that you have a solution to their problem.

3. Trust... Visitors don't have a trust relationship with you... yet!

The challenge here is to offer the visitor enough information about yourself and your product or service that they will take the first step of trust, and follow through on your call to action.

Now, let's consider "Cold Traffic"...

1. Know... "Cold Traffic" visitors may not even know that they have a problem until you bring it to their attention on your website.

2. Value... They probably have an interest in what you are offering... they found your website, after all. But they may not value what you are offering, since they don't realize that they have a problem yet.

3. Trust... there is absolutely NO trust relationship here... they may not have even gotten past the idea that you are just another "spammer".

As you can see, there is quite a challenge here with "Cold Traffic". You have to address all three concerns of your visitor.

First, you need to educate your visitor about their problem and convince them that they need a solution. For example, people who are new to the online marketing/direct selling industry do not know what they need to become successful... they are learning. So, educate them about what they need to make it online.

Next, you need to educate your visitor on the value of your product or service. Using the same example, once they have an handle on what they need to make their business "go", you will need to show them the value of YOUR product or service.

Finally, You have to build the trust necessary for your visitor to take action. We will look at this in depth in the next installment of this series.

So, watch for part 3 of this series... we will discuss how to address all three of these types of traffic.

Greg Ray

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This article was published on 16.10.2016 by Greg Ray
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