" I would rather earn one percent from the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my efforts" This was a great quote made by an oil magnate, Paul Getty. In other words, business of today's world lies on leveraging on peoples efforts believe it or not.

    That, I bring to you project 1-9-90. an online cooperative investment operating on the principles of network marketing, aimed at distributing and redistributing of wealth. It came to full operations in January 2015. Owns by a Ukrainian BOHDAH KIOSTIK, a renowned internet guru based in Russia and situated in Asia.

   Project 1-9-90 is a great and unbeatable income opportunity that guarantees success and maximum achievement for everyone. The investment opportunity is open to both new and experienced investors. If you want to raise quick funds for business, completing or undertaking projects. Look no further, use project 1-9-90 to raise the funds you need!

   Below is how the business works:

Once you register and introduce two (2) people under you, you have formed a team and there is no breaking away, nor splitting of team. You continue to earn from your team’s efforts from stage one to the end, over and over, before you know it, you will be controlling thousands of Euros in your account with your teams. In-fact, the name “Project 1-9-90” is an acronym of the compensation plan. Let me break it down for you:

1 – Means the inventor company earns 1%.

9 – Means you earn 9% of the first 2 that upgrades under you.

90 – Means you earn 90% of the 4 partners that land under your first 2 upgraded partners.


The system works with a 2-way matrix that ends after the second level. After your registration with €10,you will be required to introduce two (2) people under you (two Downlines), which is very easy to do and you will earn 9% each from the €10 your two downlines have registered with. Then, your two (2) direct downlines will do the same, i.e. they in turn, will introduce two (2) people each. These four (4) people from your direct downline will form your indirect downline and you are entitled to 90% from the registration fee of each of the four (4) indirect downlines. At the end of this matrix, you will have six (6) downlines (2 direct, 4 indirect) and your matrix will close. Once your matrix closes, the system automatically buys you a new position this you can also do manually so that you can continue. Meanwhile, the monetary payments are automatically credited to your perfectmoney account within 60 seconds and you earn 378% of the income from one cycle, the increase in your capital is almost 4 times. You will be paid €37.80 from stage one. Additionally, there is distribution of 1% of the total turnover: weekly reward to active participants.


Now Calculating Project 1-9-90 Profits

With one time initial investment of €10 (N3,500), you make a total earning of 378% at every stage. At stage one, your earn 378% of €10, which is €37.80. Once you complete your matrix in the first stage, and you happen to introduce more people directly under you, you will be made to buy a new space on stage one by using €10 out of your earning of €37.80. That means you start another new circle from stage one beside the one you have just completed and the two will be moving higher at the same time. No additional investment fund will ever be required from you apart from the initial amount of €10. As you close this second matrix in stage one, you also move to stage two like the first matrix you have already close. Then your investment amount is increased to €25 (the €25 is taken out of the profit you made from stage one). Then at the end of stage two, you make another 378% of €25, which is €94.50. Your investment is again increased to €50 at stage three, so on and so forth, till stage ten which is the ultimate 6000 Euro package.

Who is to Join Project 1-9-90?

Project 1-9-90 is for everyone, especially Students, Civil Servants, Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Directors, Managers, Filling station attendants, Lawyers, the Clergy, Business owners, Transporters, Journalists, etc. Anybody can invest. There is no law, pronouncements, act or decree that bars anybody whether civil servant or public servant, from investing. This would not take your time from your regular office or business time.

Business Requirements

1) a capital of 10euro or more

2)Full name




6)Phone number


8)Date of birth




 These are needed to register you on 1-9-90 platform

  That done?

  A perfectmoney account will be opened for you or follow the link to register.

  This is where your earnings are always credited to your Perfect Money Online Account, from which you will transfer to your local Nigerian(foreign) Bank Account if any. The process is very simple,secured and easy. Do not be scared. In case you are not conversant with online accounts, they are accounts that are hosted online to enable people all over the world make monetary transactions in different currencies. You can use online account to pay for goods and services online and can also use them to transfer money from individuals or organnisations to other individuals or organisations. Examples are PayPal, Web Money, Perfect Money (PM), Payza, Bitcoin, etc. All you need to open any of these accounts is your active email address.

It's just that simple.

  Come, partner with us today.

If you can't follow all the processes here mentioned, you can as well contact me with following numbers:




(Whatsapp and call) or email me at

See ya!

This article was published on 28.06.2016 by Nseobong Emmanuel James
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