Superior Immune System Support

I would like to introduce you to an established Australian company with a genuinely unique health supplement that has world-wide patents. The company is seeking interest from leaders who can bring this product and business opportunity to the USA/AUS market. Becoming a US Founder Member presents a unique opportunity to be part of the rapidly growing $33+billion US Health & Wellness/Nutritional Supplements sector with a breakthrough patented natural product that has no side effects or competition. 

98Alive™ can only be produced through a proprietary, multi-phase refraction process using bespoke equipment manufactured in-house. It is licensed by the FDA as a health supplement and by Australia’s TGA as Immune Support and superior Antioxidant. 

98Alive™ has been proven safe for human consumption by over a decade of International research. The 98 molecular structures work in combination, stabilizing one another, collectively creating a unique natural compound containing powerful supplemental properties never before seen in a single product. 98Alive™ is a natural product that achieves what no other natural product has achieved before – a victory over global diseases. Visit

98Alive could help wipe out Alzheimer's disease. You can also read the other things this marvelous new supplement can do to help you or your loved ones. The combination of these unique properties has led to recognition by Patent Offices around the world, resulting in 98Alive™ and its 98 molecular structures being granted patent protection, despite the fact that it is a natural product. Pharmaceutical Presentation 3.2 min 

Here are a few of the benefits of taking this product: 

• 98Alive™ works by direct action against organisms and by powerful stimulation of the immune system 

 • Only substance that kills all 4 forms of the Dengue Virus 

 • Kills Swine flu virus 

 • Kills all known Avian Influenza viruses 

 • 98 natural compounds, clinically proven to boost the immune system for better health 

 • Kills all forms of Tuberculosis with no side effects 

 • Affordable and effective treatment for HIV with no side effects 

 • Lyme Disease challenges overcome 

 • Promotes C4 and CD8 t-cell growth 

 • Antibacterial, powerful anti-oxidant 

Should you wish to participate I can link you up with the owners here in Australia. 

The USA is the first of many markets to open outside Australia.. Genuine opportunity to be part of a growth industry with 110% support from our team.   Looking forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards,  Derek Speake, Affiliate Member,  Victory for Wellness

This article was published on 14.04.2016 by Derek Speake
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