Hits Monkey Is Easy to Use for Network Marketing Professionals

Tammy here, and a warm hello to everyone here. I always appreciate speaking to networking

professionals that understand the pros/cons of online businesses and the value of making 

friends online that are positive and supportive, no matter what business each is promoting. I have

my favorite businesses related to bitcoin and promote these daily. 

Traffic is a must though, and without it we can't expect our businesses to grow. When you find a good traffic source, hang on to it. 

If you join something and it's junk, drop it like a hot rock. There are too many good programs that you can use

so don't waste your time and resources on junk. 

If you are interested in bitcoin at all and don't know much about it take a look at my team builder btc 

site at http://teambuilderbtc.com/tammy and you see will see there is plenty of free info and training

available for you to learn more about bitcoin, and advertising. 

Always try to look for programs that have a referral commission built in. If you are going to promote

a business, you might as well earn whenever you can. 

I promote using social media, and paid traffic sources. I have wasted a lot of money online, but also know

I have learned a lot and have met great people to network with. Don't lose hope. Yes, this is hard work,

and there are no overnight riches to be made unless it's be scammers. You can promote anything that you 

truly believe in and be successful when you find like-minded people. If you have a second, I hope you

will take a look at http://HitsMonkey.com/?id=tammyj&ref=mlmgtway

I think you will find it easy to promote and the payments to your account a nice little addition to your

other financial opportunities. 

Also, look for programs where the members are supportive and positive. If you are going to spend

hours a day online, spend your time with people you like not with those that are negative or not willing to 

work at least as hard as you are if not more. Lots of people need guidance and direction. Become that person

who is willing to be an online professional, not the hit and run scammer, word does travel, and reputations are all we have to use for our calling card. 

I look forward to chatting with you soon. For tips and information on marketing online don't forget to take a look at my team building site. Lots of great info there. 

Tammy Jones

This article was published on 17.12.2016 by Tammy Jones
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