BE is a revolution on its own, changing the way the world does business, the way we make money, the way we enjoy leisure and the way we travel and holiday. BE is now the #1 Business For Home leader AAA+ for 2020. BE is disrupting the way we use our cell phones to achieve wealth, by using Artificial Intelligence applications to make and create wealth in the largest industries of the world, such as Forex trading and the Travel industry, to name a few.

I will focus on the Forex Exchange Trading industry, which is one of BE’s leading product for its members. As you might well know, FX is largest financial market, larger than the Stock Exchange Industry and generates over 6 trillion dollars daily, according to the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and OTC derivatives markets1.

One can start creating wealth from day one of joining BE through its FX applications. The first one is the SHIFT application, where one gets real time trade status signals using SHIFT Artificial Intelligence engineering. SHIFT puts users in the 5% of successful traders of the world. One does not have to have expert knowledge of FX trading to be successful in trading anymore, as SHIFT allows you to copy and paste the live trades that are broadcast to you via the downloaded SHIFT application onto your Broker account. You receive and paste the currency pair, the stop loss, pip tracking etc. As a BE member, you get trade broadcast to you daily, Monday to Friday. It’s easy and user friendly; just copy and paste the signals sent through SHIFT to your live or demo account, and be one of the 5% successful traders in the FX market of the World. Check out the SHIFT application on

On the Learn Platform of BE we have the second exciting trading option on Word of Wisdom, (WoW). Here members of BE leverage on the expert knowledge that is shared on livestreams by the world’s leading traders. One that is taking members by storm is the Nitro FX. Here members log in and literally follow the live trades of the leading traders in NFX. This is a very exciting trading option, where there are no pips, or stop losses. One can make money in minutes. During the one hour live trade, members who tune in, walk away with good money by the end of the hour.

There are other exciting money generating options that BE offers. Join the revolution, and create your wealth with BE.

1. Bank for International Settlements. “Foregin Exchange Turnover in April 2019” Accessed October 3, 2020

This article was published on 16.10.2020 by Rosemary Mofolo
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