Calling all new mums dads and parents to be.

Calling all NEW PARENTS to be! Do you work long hours to make ends meet or because your job demands it? 

Are you WORRIED about missing out on life at home because of your job? 

What happens to YOU when that Maternity/Paternity pay runs out? 

Will you just go back to work early? What about Childcare? Holidays? Family time? You time? 

Perhaps you're a parent that missed out on some of the milestones your new baby reached? Hurts like mad doesn't it? 

Having children is a GAME CHANGER. It made me RE-EVALUATE EVERYTHING that had once been important.

Ill health throughout my third pregnancy forced me into making some fairly BIG decisions. 

We never know what is around the corner. 

I was a Police Officer, on shift work, enjoyed what I did, was fairly good at it. 

I'd returned to work too early after my first child was born, missed out on first steps, first words... It made me feel inadequate as a mum, because I left my baby with Childcare all day, and sometimes all night, whilst I went to work.  

I swore, that once my second child was born, things would be different, but that meant CHANGE and I wasn't very good at that. Life continued.  

I'd gone part time, but that meant our income was TIGHT, my husband also on shift work, we passed like ships in the night. I was TIRED, FRUSTRATED and ANXIOUS about the future. 

I'd always worked hard, I wanted the very best for my children, but not seeing them hurt me and us. 


Someone suggested I could work from home and choose my own hours. I ignored them! 

It was probably way out of my comfort zone. I'm not good with change remember... 

I was heavily pregnant, our third child about to be born. I hadn't planned what would happen when the SMP stopped. 

My boy was born, and shortly after the pregnancy I became very sick. 

Three months later, in the hospital, it was confirmed that I had an illness which would cause me to not just think about working from home, but about our future entirely. 

As well as a bone condition, I have IBD. Occupational Health were unsympathetic. Work were unable to find me a suitable position. I had to leave my job! 

I had zero confidence. 

Then in February 2015, I re-read that email about working from home. It promised SUPPORT, HAND-HOLDING, MY OWN BUSINESS, CONFIDENCE, INCOME and a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE.

Surely there was a catch?! I just needed to be open minded, have the ability to work hard, and ready for a CHANGE in ME! 

So I signed up. I had absolutely nothing to lose. 

I've been working now for a year, from home. Life is very different! I can pay the bills, spend time with the children, see my husband! Catch up with my friends...

I watched Zachary take his first, second and third steps, was there when he woke in the night, and when he cried. I don't have to worry about taking time off sick, I can go to bed when I need to. We go on day trips and have mini breaks without battling for ANNUAL LEAVE. I build my business from home, but can work from anywhere. Last week, I worked from a hotel room overlooking the London Eye. 

I've had FREE training on all the products. 

I've also have FREE training, on how to develop my business and develop MYSELF, to give our family 100% FINANCIAL FREEDOM. 

I started off, simply recommending products, which people used, and loved and as a result recommended me to their friends. The products have helped my health and helped my family and friends. Doing that got me a few hundred £s per month. Then a few people started asking to join my business, which was AMAZING! What's more amazing, is that I started to show them how to do EXACTLY what I was doing. I changed! 

Now, I have more confidence, I can talk freely to people. I'm coaching new business partners who copy what I've shown them! 

So if you've read this, and you've related with anything that I've told you, get in touch! We're waiting to help YOU today! 

This article was published on 17.04.2016 by Angelina Aylward
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