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Don't miss this one, join our A Team now!

Don't miss this one, join our "A" Team now!

Gotbackup is the only backup and digital storage service in the world that will pay you income for referring members.

They have an amazing service that everyone with a computer or cell phone absolutely needs!

We are all crushing it,  here is just one example:

With that said, we have been getting a few main questions asked to us, we would like to answer in this email, so you can get started right now, and not get left behind...

Question #1: How much does Gotbackup cost to be involved in the opportunity?Answer: You pay a $40 one-time reseller fee, and $9.97 monthly for the Gotback service.

Question #2: Do I have to pay the one-time reseller fee if I only want the service?Answer: No, you only need to pay the reseller fee if you are wanting to share the service and earn income. 

Question #3: Do I need to purchase anything else to earn on all commissions?Answer: No, there are no other requirements to qualify for all commissions. 

Here is how it breaks down:

When you refer someone, and they pay

A $40 one-time reseller fee (if they are wanting to build the business), which no commissions can be paid on legally.

Then they pay $9.97 monthly for the product, so as a reseller you would make a 200% upfront commission on, which is roughly a $20 commission. And 25% every month thereafter.

If the person decides to pay for their product in a yearly one-time payment instead of monthly, you will get paid a 50% commission at the time of purchase and every year thereafter. The company could never pay 200% upfront on the yearly payment, because that would mean the company  would make no money for over two years.

You are also paid 25% on all other products or services the company sells. (You do not need to purchase them yourself to earn on them)

You are a full reseller by paying your $40 one-time fee I mentioned above.

Next, you will earn a 25% matching check on all of your personal referrals earnings.

So as an example: If you have 10 people in your team who earn $1000 for the month, you will get paid 10 X 250.00 which = $2500.00

You can have unlimited personal referrals.

All the commissions I mentioned above after a 30 day initial term are paid weekly. We get paid every Friday.

Lastly, you will also get paid what are called binary commissions on your whole team below you, no matter who sponsors them into your organization. It could be us, could be people we sponsored above you, could be you, could be your downline.

It is paid at the end of each month based on a 4 to 2 ratio, which is considered a cycle.

Meaning: If you have 4000 members in one of your legs, and 2000 members in your other leg, that would equal 1000 cycles.

And if the payout on a cycle was $10 as an example, you would make based on this example an additional $10,780.00 for the month.

Question #4 How do I join and get started?

Answer: We did a video for you to share the exact steps, it's easy and will only take you a couple minutes.

Then take the tour here, and get your position in our team locked in.

This is a new worldwide opportunity that has launched from a company who has been in the industry for over 20 years, is debt free, and has already paid out millions of dollars to affiliates and distributors for their other products and services.

I have personally been paid by this company for over 12 years now, from selling their other products and services.

When you choose now to join our team, 2023 can finally be the year where you break the chains, you get free..

But you must react today, or nothing will happen..

"Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them."

Don't miss this one, join our "A" Team now!

Remember we are going to accomplish all of our goals, whether you join us or not.

So if you want to get the results we are going to get, join us!

And just remember at the end of this year, if you're still stuck in the same place because you failed to take action, we tried...


Your Friend And Partner

Frank Encarnacion

P.S.***If you are a free member already, and have not purchased

the product yet, you are currently being passed up right now,

and we are not going to be able to help you build your

Team. So make sure you make a quick move and upgrade your

account from your powerline area….So we can help you by

putting people in your downline..

It's time for you to win big my friend!!

This article was published on 18.10.2023 by Frank Encarnacion
Author's business opportunity:

GotBackUp - Cloud Storage, 9.97 USD to join
Why wait? This works, and will get you your freedom. It do not cost anything to take the free tour,so at least do that, so you can see what you might be missing out on.IT'S A STREAM OF INCOME, NOT TO PAY THE NATIONAL DEBT!

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