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The Key To Making Tough Choices

Hey, hey, how's it going? It's a beautiful day here in Colorado, but it does smell like cows.

I'm here at the rest area, I just pulled in. It's time to make the video. Today I want to talk about how sometimes business is a drag, and I'll tell you why.

Today, for instance, the very good copywriter that I follow specializes in email, and I've learned an awful lot from him. His instruction and suggestion has led me down many different paths in copywriting, sales, and all around marketing. Awesome, awesome stuff.

And he's promoting a course by a very high level... A-list, they call them... copywriters. And this one happens to be a woman who has just dominated in the area, and has beaten controls by some of the most famous copywriters of the past 20 - 30 years. Very good stuff. I would love to buy this course and the bonuses that my copywriting mentor, if you will, the guy that I studied the most... his courses are awesome.

I would love to have them and it's a screaming deal. And here's the hassle.

In order to sell, you have to have inventory, and in order to have inventory, you gotta have some money to buy it with. So I have... I'm faced with this quandary. I could attempt to buy these courses, which I know are going to be well worth the money. I'll probably never have the opportunity to get this deal again. Matter of fact, when it comes to the bonuses, I know I won't, and it's a bummer. But always you have to consider making money, making sales, making your marketing happen, so that you can bring in revenue and continue in business.

If, for instance, someone makes the wrong choice, in this case, buys the courses, this puts you in the hole $1,000 or whatever it comes out to be. And now if you don't have the inventory or whatever it is you have to sell, if you don't have the money to advertise and everything, you're not bringing more people in. You're not bringing more people in. You're not making any sales. You're not making any money. And even though you may have a good time and you'll learn all kinds of great stuff, and you'll be able to practice this writing, Well, you may not be in business, because you couldn't sustain. And this is why sometimes it sucks. Because you've got to make a decision about what you're going to put your money into.

I think a lot of people don't understand this about small business people. It's like my buddy told me, he says, "Dave, it's the same dance, just different numbers." You may look at, Oh, this guy's bringing in all this money, but you don't see the Outgo, the overhead, all of these things you got to pay for. And sometimes, you've got to make a decision that is a clear choice between something that's going to sustain the business and keep you around, or something you just want. And when you are buying as a consumer, you sometimes just buy stuff you want. It might be a little more than you need, but who cares? I deserve it. I work hard. There you go.

And come to business. No, absolutely not. If you have that attitude in business, you're going to go broke so fast. it won't even be funny. Because you'll be looking at, well, I could get this screaming new Imac with all the bells and whistles, and it's got this cool little thing going on here and all kinds of programs and it costs almost $3,000. Or you bite the bullet and you buy what you need, which is a Mac book Air. Cost you a thousand dollars, get everything done that you need done, and it will make you money cheaper.

So you want to pay as little as possible to buy your profit. And that might sound weird, but that's how it works. You pay less, you increase your margin, you bring in more profit faster. That's how things go.

So here's the deal. If you've got a decision to make, and it comes between something that's going to bring more customers in and make you more money, that always comes first.

Speaking of keys… this will open the door to success in network marketing.

That's all I got for today. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm out.

This article was published on 27.08.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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