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We found a company that speaks to our values and beliefs

When we see a company setting an example in environmental leadership and working towards a goal of creating a carbon neutral footprint, we can’t help but share their vision with others.

Twenty years ago, we were shown evidence that there are over 80,000 ingredients used in mainstream products, sold at supermarkets and chemists, that have not been tested for human safety. I couldn’t unsee it or deny it once we knew, and we researched a bit more and decided that we would change to a safe and pristine brand for our family. We had a 6-year-old son so it just made sense. A no brainer.

This organisation is called MODERE and they have planted trees to offset carbon, invested in renewable energy in manufacturing, they choose biodegradable materials both for packages and packaging, they do not test on animals, and are sourcing the best most pristine ingredients thoughtfully and ethically. That means that they don’t wash down the drain out to our rivers and waterways carrying the nasty ingredients that are in some of our mainstream products, and therefore do not impact the planet negatively. The products are ideal for properties not on town water as they are grey water friendly. 

In today’s toxic environment, that’s a huge bonus when you support them.

People get involved in MLM for lots of reasons and at first we were attracted by the idea of travel and financial freedom….we got our lifestyle bonus and achieved the free car and travel, and we also learned about having multiple streams of income, a strategy which we are still working on today.

However, as we got older our priorities changed we got involved in other areas. We became Christians, that changed a lot of our mindsets, I became an author and illustrator and for us, the MLM business became more about the safety, integrity, and wellness that the company bought us and our customers. 

Changing the lives of people around us as we grew, was a truly rewarding experience and what we learned and trained others in, in the space of personal development was priceless.

We have learned the hard way, through the Global Financial Crisis how quickly wealth can be swallowed up by events and of course many today are turning to direct sales to top up the family budget while we navigate the horrendous results of the past two years.

One of the changes that happened in this company was that they had a complete rebirth and dumped the often much maligned MLM / Network Marketing business model and created the “Social Retail” space. Now they are truly customer focussed, prices are the same for members, promoters, and customers alike and everyone benefits.

Customers stay long term because they are well treated, and they can also share a $10 discount with their friends and receive one back for themselves. Who doesn't love a thank you reward? The products are long lasting, safe and they actually do what they say they do on the descriptions. So many ‘natural’ or ‘green’ products just don’t deliver on their hype and promise.

The support of all levels of this online shopping family is second to none but the best thing is that we are not pushed and constantly contacted to do things we may not want to do. The shop is a shop – not a place where you are inundated with business information, payment plans and details about ‘promotions, events, meetings and MLM achievers”. There is a business hub for that, for those who choose. For the true-blue customers…. the shopping experience is relaxed and rewarding as it should be.

It goes without saying that the product ranges are ahead of their times, as a research and development company of 30+ years, they are on the cutting edge of science and nature combined - from safe ranges for the home like dental, skin, hair care and household collections to weight loss, nutritional supplements (both general and targeted) The Collagen range is so far ahead of anything out in the marketplace that its results are stunning (both externally and internally)

When you have happy customers who feel like they have a home, it can create a strong base and a natural place to find and assist anyone who may want to go on and create an income.

Everything is possible and the choice is yours and the level of commitment is yours too. We will help in any way we can. Having 20 years’ experience with the products means we have a unique insight into what works and how some things work in more than one area too.

We welcome anyone who feels this may be a safe space for the life that they want for themselves and their family. To enroll as a MODERE Social Marketer click the link here

You can join, order a pack, a collection, or a few products to try. Whichever you prefer.

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This article was published on 29.04.2022 by Jan Philip
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