Getmyads- innovative advertising business!

Getmyads - the advertising company which offers high-quality promotion services for the clients and a possibility of serious earnings on advertising packets.

One advertising costs $50 and brings it to the owner of 1% of profit a day, within 600 days.

Invited 1 and 2 levels you receive 12% for each advertising packet purchased your. The maximum number of advertising packets which you can personally purchase constitutes 1000.

We can divide the optimum strategy of earnings in the company into 2 categories:

1. Without invitation 2. With invitations

  1. Without invitations

  If it is more convenient to you to work to one without team and you don't want to invite anybody in this business, then you can achieve good results too.

For example. If you at the beginning purchase 5 advertising packets for $250, then in 18 months, constantly reinvesting profit and buying new advertising packets, your 5 advertising packets will turn in 1000 advertising packets!

  You will reach $7500 a month a passive income of nobody without inviting in this business!


After (2,6 month.) =10 tokens =$500 = your income per month of $75

After (3 month.) =11 tokens =$550 = your income per month of $82.5

After (6 month.) =28 tokens =$1350 = your income per month of $202.5

After (9 month.) =66 tokens of =$3300 = your income per month of $495

After (12 month.) =161 tokens =$8050 = your income per month of $1207.5

  After (16 month.) =532 tokens =$26600 = your income per month of $3990

After (18 month.) =1000 tokens =$50000 = your income per month of $7500 !!!

This result is achieved every time buying an advertising packet as soon as on balance $50 are reached!

If you continue 3 months from 1000 advertising packets, your profit will increase to $15 000 a month!

Even if you purchase today only 1 advertising packet for $50, then approximately in 9 months you will have already 5 advertising packets.

Total there will pass 27 months and you will reach your passive income of $7500 a month!

Without invitations, without doing anything, having only purchased 1 advertising packet in the company!

Consider that it is your long-term investment in your future!

  Of course, you will tell that it too long to expect such time.

 There are two exits to accelerate this process: there are more advertising packets; 2. to invite business partners

  2. With invitations

From each purchase of your invited partner you have 12%, that is from each purchased advertising packet - $6, and also from partners who were invited by your partners, too 12%.

You can work and earn even without making the investments in the companies but only inviting new partners in business.

Each your invited partner will aim to purchase up to 1000 advertising packets, and it means that only from one partner you earn $6000!

Only imagine that you invited in business of 5 partners, and they too on 5 partners everyone, as a result

 you earn $180 000!!!

So act and you earn!

  Your decisions determine today that future in which you want to live!

Good luck and big checks!


This article was published on 10.10.2016 by Juozas Liaukevicius
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