How To Simplify A MLM Business To Produce DUplication

Ever thought to yourself "how can I get my team producing?" 

Ever wondered if there were an easier way to build your MLM business?

We all know the more simple an approach to building your business is, the more others can duplicate and produce results.

So today, I want to share with you the most easy way to get others in your team, to produce results like your own, or even better.

The Approach Is Too Hard

For most MLM companies, the way a person needs to find their customers and builders is too difficult for the average person to get a result.

Most companies do not offer an easy way, or a website that converts.

As a matter of fact, if someone visited your company's replicated website, and they had an interest, most likely you would not ever know because most people DO NOT send a contact request to you.

This causes a lot of "possible" customers and leads to fall away, leaving you clueless to who is looking at your site and who is interested.

So you and your team go about DRIVING PEOPLE CRAZY who do not have an interest in your company.

Can It Be Easier?

Truth is, yes it can get simple to do.

But you must build a few things in order to achieve this.

You need an offer, or a landing page that interests people that have an interest in your niche.

This way you can capture their information, such as name and email, and even phone number.

Now you have a "LEAD" or a possible person who you know is interested in your niche because they filled out a form to get information or a free offer.

Already a step ahead of where you were when you first started.

Keep It Simple

Pointing people to a video, is the best.

Teaching your team to get others to watch a video is even more easy.

Have a person fill out a form, they then get a video that interests them, and from here you can follow up with them with a series of emails.

If there is no "Follow Up" sequence to your leads, then they will just go off and join me. Because I follow up with them for life or until they unsubscribe. And I do it everyday.

How Can You Follow Up With Prospects Everyday For Life?

Well unless you are willing to write new emails and keep up with how many people have signed up in their binary, you need a system like I have.

You can possibly create new emails that are set to go out everyday, even if the email is a duplicate of another email they get. Just get in their inbox each and everyday.

Or, if you really want to make some big money in MLM...


Did You Watch The Video Above?

If you did, you will now see how easy it can be to get new team members into your own business.

No more teaching people to perform the same steps to duplicate or use s.

Just let them drive traffic to the video in whatever way they are best.

The system above keeps an eye on who joined next to watch, and will update that person when someone joins that they can get paid on if they join.

That part is almost impossible for a human mind to figure out, so let the computer do it.

But you see now how simple it can be to build a team of business partners who can do the same.


Point to a video...

Sit back and let your team grow!

P.S If you have a true desire to build a successful team in MLM, you must watch this video. The more you let a system do the work, the more you will duplicate. Never lose a possible interested prospect ever again!

This article was published on 07.04.2018 by Jaye Carden
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