Have you got any Gold Backed Crypto Currency?

Exciting time with Gold Backed Crypto Currency KBC?

The time has come, the mist has cleared and the KBC Gold backed crypto currency can no longer be ignored, go to Etherscan.io and see for yourself it already has a market capitalisation of over $700,000,000 and has only been trading for the last Six months.

The KBC coin is worth some investigation and it’s time to get your hands on some of these coins before the price goes up.

The Gold Coin (KBC) had a very successful ICO and is now on the following exchanges HITBCT, Bitforex, Karatbit and Coinsuper and is now trading around 0.06 cents that is a massive increase compared to the ICO price of around 0.001 cents The market confidence is high as the KBC coin has physical Gold in a safe in Singapore to back up the coin.

The KBC Gold backed coin has a great announcement by the CEO Harold Seiz and is offering a guarantee on the 4 July where 100KBC = 1 Gram of Gold and at present 1 Gram of Gold is worth 40 Euros.

This is amazing as the price now on the Karabit.com exchange is around 0.07 cents and the guarantee is 0.40 cents, this can be amazing for many on the Golden independence day on the 4 July for those who hold KBC coins in there Karatbit wallet and are an Affiliate then you can then exchange 100KBC to 1 Gram of Gold on the 4 July 2019.

There is also another Token that is still in the ICO phase called the KCB coin and at present only affiliates can purchase this coin in forms of Profit Packages. The profit packages range from 150 Euro to One Million Euro so there are options for everyone to acquire some KCB Tokens before the end of the ICO coming shortly so do not miss out get your Profit Packages now.

Other exciting developments are:

1. Voice over Block Chain Phone Pre sales now, phone delivery in November 2019, Low cost pay plans, satellite phone, Wifi, no network, no roaming fees, secure, Crypto wallet and Many more features.

2. Building own Block Chain called MainNet

3. K - Merchant seamless Crypto Currency payments for any business

They owns their own Gold mines, owns the Exchange, owns the first Crypto Bank in Miami, owns their own block chain MainNet and is launching the first Voice over Bock Chain phone.

Exciting times ahead, let me know if you have any questions here to help you.

PS: You can learn more here:

Thank you,

David Ingham

This article was published on 12.04.2019 by David Ingham
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