Join zarfund, and one coin and one coin CRYPTOCURRENCY CONFESSION OF A BANKER: *The Story on LIB* I can relate cos I also missed the opportunity.

In 2009, a friend of mine resident in the UK called and advised me to invest $1,000 in Bitcoin; he said it’s a cryptocurrency that just launched. At that time, I never heard such a word as Bitcoin neither do I know what Cryptocurrency meant. I had the $1,000 to invest but I felt as a Banker I should be the first to know about the happenings in the Financial World; Moreso, my friend is in the IT space, so I felt I should know better.

To cut long story short, I didn’t invest in Bitcoin.

Now, in that same 2009, a young Norwegian boy was writing his thesis on “Encryption” and decided to use Bitcoin as a case study, to get the information he needed however, he had to invest some Money in Bitcoin.

He never invested because he wanted to be part of it; he only invested so he could get the much needed information for his thesis.

He invested $27 and got 5,000 Bitcoins.

In 2013, he was watching a program on CNN and heard about the rave about Bitcoin appreciating in value, and then he remembered his measly $27 investment.

He checked up on his investment, only to find that his $27 investment some 4 Years ago had turned to $886,000.

If I weren’t so foolish & paid attention to my friend’s advice, my $1,000 investment in 2009, would have gotten me 185,000 Bitcoins which would have made me over $32Million by 2013.

The annoying part is that I bought a Laptop from USA in that same 2009 for $1,000… I can’t remember where that Laptop is now.

Sadly, I was more interested in putting Money in a Liability than taking a chance at an Investment…

It’s sad but that’s my story but you know what’s even worse?

That’s still the story of countless other people even today. But you’ve got an opportunity to change that today. REFERRAL SYSTEM AND NETWORK BONUS

1.The Direct Referral System:

It provides you 10% commission on the activation packages. i.e when a member join in your team on your referral link under starter package of 110 euro, you will get 11 euro as bonus. If your referral upgrade on tycoon trader package of 5500 euro you will get 550 euro commission. If you have made at least one direct referral activation you will be qualified to get OLP-One Life Points points.

2. The Pair Matching Bonus:

When you have two directly sponsored activated referrals, it will form a pair and it will give you pair bonus of the average of their activation fee. i.e when you have added two direct activated referrals of starter 110 euro, you will get 20 euro bonus. If your referrals made activation with two different packages, say example one is activating with 110 euro and another one activating with 1100 euro you will get 10% from the average 61 euros as commission.

3. The Binary Network Bonus:

The Business program follows binary network principles, i.e you can have only two legs, One is strong and one is weak. Always keep your new members in the right side, Through network bonus the weak side will get bonus, i.e left side. The members who join after you will follow your network, so make your registration quick, later you can upgrade. i.e the advantage of free Rookie package.

Your sales organization is based on two legs. The leg with the lowest sales volume within a calculation period (one week) 10% of this Business Volume (BV) is paid out weekly. The same amount of Business Volume (BV) will be deducted from your “Greater Network” eg (the leg with the higher Business Volume for the weekly period). If your position maxes out – the BVs on both side are reset to 0. This bonus you will get only in team network.

From the bonus 60% will go to your cash account and 40% will go to mandatory account. You can either withdraw or invest it again for mining. i.e if you earn 100 euro through bonus, you will get 60 euro in cash account and 40 euro in mandatory account.

OneLife Points start calculating based on your join date as a member, all people who join as members after you in the total company, will earn OneLife Points for you.

This article was published on 04.10.2016 by Rita O
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