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Hi MLM Gateway Family!

I just wanted to share with the awesome time my husband and I had last week

as we went to Las Vegas for my primary business's annual convention

We had never been to Las Vegas, and to be honest, we didn't get to take in much

of the sights...

...but even though we were there for business, we had an absolute ball!

My husband has been my biggest cheerleader, and I think he had a better time than

I did- LOL

I say this because most people on this site is perhaps involved in some great company

where the comp plan is insane, the products and services are actually decent...

but somehow, no matter how hard they work... 

...they cannot seem to get out of the rut of seeing some level of success

My "secret" is that you must give it TIME to WORK

I have seen some success in a relatively short amount of time, but when people ask me how

I was able to do so so fast, I tell them that it did not happen overnight...

In fact, it was the previous companies that we failed in that better prepared us for this moment

There is NO secret; if you commit to your business, you will eventually see how it is really a

matter improving your self-confidence through the gifts that you already have...

...and like your sponsor and the other gurus say, share those positive qualities with others in

similar situations

I simply love what I do, and you should to; but I understand that some of you reading this are only

in this industry to make money (and I get it)...

For those of you who are serious about achieving some level of success in network and affiliate

marketing, you must do three things right now: 

  • Picture What You Want
  • Take Massive Action
  • Commit For The Next 90 Days
  • Never Quit... This is Life or Death

This is almost cliche' to say, but it's true. I currently have 55 rockstars on my team and the culture

that we have created is one where we draw from one another's strengths

The only competition is ourselves... we do not compete against one another, not do we feel that

one person's success prevents anyone else's

You have to create the same learning environment for your people- when that happens, your

prospects will be attracted to how you reflect the ability to provide the support and resources to

their most intimate problems... again, it is no secret or magic pill- just WORK!

See You At The Top,


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This article was published on 08.08.2016 by Melissa Grady-lyde
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