Unbeatable Network Marketer Blueprint:

Use this little-known Hawaiian Tradition to utterly eliminate stress, worry and cares IMMEDIATELY!

I remember when I got started with network marketing, I thought I was gonna conquer the world!

I didn’t know what personal development was, and the only thing my brain could think of was, " I'll just do it everybody else does and I'll get rich!"



What I found out is that no matter what strategy I was using, none of them could ever work. And it was because I was getting in my own way due to years of limiting beliefs I had been fighting.

I had a head full of Limiting beliefs, blockages from my past and lots of fears that blocked me from doing what I knew was the right thing to do to grow my business.

But then I came across a program by Dr. Joe Vitale that I began to realize there's a whole lot more to success than simply knowing WHAT to do.

It’s kinda like daily dental hygiene. You brush your teeth, right?

Because if you didn’t your dental health would deteriorate and nobody would go near you let alone let you breathe around them!

Just as we brush our teeth every day, maintaining your spiritual and emotional health must be a daily practice as well.

NOTE: I’m a born-again Christian. And I’m not recommending you become an expert and Hawaiian religion. I'm sharing one part of it that is % consistent with Christianity (which is what I believe) and why this works so well for me.

So here’s how to obliterate any emotional or spiritual blockages that would try in vain to stop you from the success you deserve!

1. Assume 100% Responsibility (No Really!)

This strategy comes from ancient Hawaiian tradition called Ho'Oponopono.

It’s built on the foundation that everything in this universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Objects, thoughts, and yes, people.

And that means that we all have a vibrational frequency and so do I. The goal is to set our frequency to the highest and best frequency that is aligned to success in anything you want to do.

Low-frequency feelings like Hatred, anger, fear and feelings of not deserving something have a certain frequency.

Thinking, I can do this, I'm abundant, this is easy, and nothing can stop me also has a frequency too - and that's the frequency we want to vibrate at.

So before we do anything else, we have to learn to take full responsibility.

Back in 2013 I went through a nasty divorce. There came a point in time when I had to take FULL responsibility and be willing to accept the whole thing as my fault. I had to get to where I was willing to accept accountability for my former spouses behavior - and then something that was out of my control. And when you can learn to take full responsibility for those things, you will be unstoppable.

Money trouble? Issues at your job? Show with your kids? Take 100% full responsibility. Taking full responsibility is going to fix everything instantly.

2. The 4 Mantra Statements

So what were going to do is aim this emotional freedom strategy at negative things in your life. Things like a limiting belief, or stressful emotions, I want you to call those problems up in your mind's eye.

So pull up the negative thing that you want to let go of in your mind's eye, speak directly to that issue and say,

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.

And as your assuming 100% responsibility for the issue, if there was a part of you subconsciously that created the negative situation, simply apologize to God for it.

Go ahead, it's okay to let yourself believe in a divine creator of the universe named God. He's real, He exists and He’s listening!

Ask for forgiveness, even if you can prove that the problem wasn't your fault. Because in taking 100% full responsibility and apologizing for it, you will be free and clear of the problem forever!

After that it’s a good thing to let God know that you love Him and you're grateful to Him for everything He does - including fixing the situation...

... And get ready to be surprised with how wonderful you’re going to feel right away now that the problem simply vanishes into thin air!

3. Create an Anchor

Wouldn't it be great if we could have this state of freedom and bliss available to us as network marketers whenever we need it?

The good news is, we can. And to make that happen we turn to neurolinguistic programming, or NLP for short. We're going to use a strategy called anchoring.

While repeating the mantras, pinch your right thumb knuckle with your left index finger and thumb.

Make sure that as you do, you repeat the mantras and really feel the emotions of what it means to say sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you.

After feeling those emotions intensely, release the pinch

And here’s what you just accomplished:

The next time you need to have an instant boost in your mood and feel peak emotions of freedom and release at will, simply squeeze your knuckle, and you’ll begin to experience the emotions of that peak state where you have freedom from stress, pain, fear and limiting beliefs instantaneously!

You can feel AMAZING 100% of the time

Make sure that you employ this technique on any negative thought in your life! If there’s something that gets you down, or trips you up, or something that makes you think you can't do it, use this technique and watch how quickly a newfound sense of freedom shows up.

Have you ever met somebody who is exceptionally gifted and talented... but for some reason, success remains out of their reach.

Did you ever wonder why that is?

It's because they are jammed up with deeply rooted negative thoughts - and they’re getting in their own way. These people are intellectually smart, but they're not emotionally and spiritually smart.

Why not live up to your potential? And why not be the person that is constantly growing, and constantly cleansing your emotional state so that nothing can get in your way. And when you do, the free and clear path void of roadblocks will be yours for the taking…

… And that’s when nothing can stop you.

Would you like some personalized help clearing your limiting beliefs?

I still think back to when I finally discovered it was my own mindset was preventing me from succeeding. And I can’t believe it took me years to figure out how to clear the roadblocks in my head.

But as the old saying goes, it's not where you start, it's where you finish.

In case you found yourself struggling with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears or stress, Reach out and Let's Connect.

VERY IMPORTANT: I am NOT a licensed therapist and I don’t pretend to be one. If you try anything I recommend, you do so with the understanding that you are 100% responsible for the results of.

And my goal is to help you become free and clear of negativity just like I had to get get.

And in case your problem is one of not having the right strategy for network marketing…

…I’d like to invite you to check out exact network marketing system that changed everything for me. I went from no enrollments and no leads to a nonstop steady stream within a couple short weeks of implementing what I'm about to show you...

But first I’d like to share a FREE training that I put together for you in case you are in need of a fresh start on the right foot for your business.

Maybe you find yourself wanting to start getting enrollments and the commissions you always dreamed of.


I’d love to connect with you so Reach out and Let's Connect and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

You're worth it,

Adam Tigges


This article was published on 09.08.2021 by Adam Tigges
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