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* it is a digital currency

* it was prelaunched on may 1st 2016

* june 4th people started mining the coins

* first time purchase requires 25€ to any package you desire to buy after free registration

* it's investment in € (euro)

* the least investment is 50€ and the maximum is 15000€

* split occurs every 3 months & doubles the tokens

* tokens are used to generate swisscoin

* you need 20 active firstliners to qualify for the highest rank

* on continuous investment with the same username the 25€ is not applicable

* you get 8% direct bonus for any investment made by your firstliners

* always ask your sponsor questions you don't understand

* register those willing to join never persuade people to join

*computer literacy is important

* your landowners growth affect your growth so sponsor them, teach them how to grow in the business

* invest now and have plenty for the future

* become a millionaire

If you missed out on both Bitcoin and Onecoin you now have a second chance..

SWISSCOIN is a brand new cryptocurrency from Switzerland, based in Canton / Zug, amongst giants like bitcoin, etherum and blockchain source to mention a few.. 

. Our Genesis blockchain launched on June 4th and we just witnessed the first ever split in swisscoin history. 

Value is now showing €0.08 and mining difficulty rate is 2/1.. Meaning you if you invest €500 you get a total of 10.000 tokens / 2 = 5000 Swisscoins after mining process is complete.

Expected value of Swisscoin in 2019 is €5 - 2020 close to €10 so calculate 5000x€5 is €25000.. Sounds like s good investment? I think so

This article was published on 17.09.2016 by Abayomi Oladipupo
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