So you wanna be a Network Marketer?

So you wanna be a Network Marketer? You want the ability to work when you want, as much as you want, from the comfort of your home, or where ever you are. Sounds great, right? The question is, how do I find the right business to get involved in? There are many ways of going about this, but here is a good start....

1-Company Profile How old is the company, are they a global opportunity, and the company's vision for the future... ! to 5 years old, still young  hard to say if they will be there tomorrow. 10 years or older, they have stood the test of time and are solid. Does the company have a vision or mission plan for the future and if so, is it a vision you are behind...

2- Compensation Plan  The all important "How much and how often do I get paid"? Compensation plans vary from company to company. You have Binary, Unilevel, Matrix. Breakaway to name a few... Just make sure you have a clear understanding of what they are offering. A lot of them also have fast start bonuses to get their new people fired up and focused... I love fast start bonuses...

3- Products Or Services  Me personally, I'm not really into product based companies. I tried a couple of them and to me most of them were overpriced and it started to remind me of when I was  a kid, my parents had a garage full of Amway products. They were everywhere! That's why I chose a service based company. I love hearing people talk about how they saved money on their car insurance or went on an amazing vacation with their family. Even better how they got their household bills reduced... You're gonna pay them anyway, why not pay less?

4- Education & 5- Team  These 2 for me, go hand in hand. If you go on social media and or youtube as an example, there are a lot of people doing videos on various companies and their compensation plans. It's an awesome format to learn about them. But what most of them aren't telling you is why you should JOIN their opportunity under them.. What sets them apart from all the rest?. What trainings and systems do they have in place to help you succeed? How often are they updating the trainings and adding NEW STUFF? How accessible are they to answer questions? How often do they do a team meeting to strategize and talk about what's working and what's not? Most of them don't truly think about it from a marketers point of view. We do think about it from that view... That's why we have systems and training in place. Things like....

1- A good effective Funnel... Nowadays having a good funnel is key to any business.. A solid lead capture page, followed by a great sales page with a call to action (CTA) is so important.... That's why we put one together for our team to use... That way they don't have to build it on their own.. Your time is valuable...

2- Traffic and leads... Most people have no idea how to run traffic and get leads. Even in age of social media they still struggle.... Me, I run a lot of paid traffic. Good quality traffic that gets results... I also recommend that site to my team because  I am a reseller, so I generate another income stream.. We show them how to do that as well

3-Follow up is the next problem area.  Not everyone knows how or wants to set up an autoresponder and send out emails to their leads everyday... But what if I told you, we would do that for you? That the leads you get from sharing your funnel would go into a team autoresponder and that it would send out emails on your behalf everyday.. Coded to you!!!! How much time and money would that save you??

4- Duplication and Training. What happens once you enroll people onto your team? We make that simple... We train them for you.. We have put together a Team training site that does all the work for you.. Each module in it has a short video attached telling them what to do next and how to do it.. Most of it is simple copy and paste.. Making it simple for anyone not matter their EXPERIENCE to do. You can have your funnel set up and driving traffic in under 30 minutes.. Also inside you will find access to our 24/7 skype chat room to connect with other members and get the most up to date info.. 

5- Marketing tools. Also inside the Team Training site you will have access to The Power of 4 Marketing System And Team Rotator.  The rotator is a great tool and can generate up to 50 leads a week. Those leads are also emailed everyday on your behalf making it truly hands free. If you choose you can also Market The Power Of 4 System Funnel On It's Own, giving you TWO FREE Funnels to generate leads with. All emailed everyday on your behalf. Maybe you have some skills and want to create your own Lead capture page and have your own autoresponder. Simply connect it to the sales page and your in business, building your list.. You know the saying, the money is in the list, but the fortune is in the follow up!

The reason our team is having the success it is, is because we train them and give them the tools to do so!! Over 500 members in TWO months!!  Step by step instructions!!!! Simple as 1,2,3 .24/7 skype group...Have a question it's probably on a video inside the team training site.. If not ask the group and have it answered right away!!!  It's never been this easy.. 

 Below are a couple links with video if case you wanna know more.

sales page only.... don't want you to have to opt in....

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This article was published on 17.01.2022 by Jeff Haroldson
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