Let us make some money with Bitstrategy and Edsun

Hello everyone 

My name is Themba, Kagiso in the West Rand, Gauteng Province in South Africa. A paramedic by profession. With not enough income to maintain my lifestyle from my salary I have ended up trying some new things. As we are taught in paramedic school if there is a straight line on the machine - the patient is dead and when there is some up and down movement the patient is still having a heartbeat.

For the past two months I have been enjoying a 6% profit in 25 days from Bitstrategy. I must tell you life has never been better considering that I had a good share of burning my fingers. It is a new kid on the block with lots to give by look of things. It offers a debit card option where you can directly deposit your earnings and use it anywhere where visa cards are accepted. Minimum investment $6, No minimum withdrawal amount and it is instant.

And, for about a month I have been test driving my two babies: Edsun  and Miaroi.

Edsun is 3.5% per hour, instant withdrawal with no limits. Starting as low as $2'. I really do love this one - every hour counts - always looking forward to the next hour to withdraw. Another interesting plan as well is the 25% per day in 5 days (meaning you will have a contract of 5 days, each day you get 25% of your principal investment. Minimum investment is $15. I have tested both plans I am very pleased so far. You will love their instant withdrawal response.


Miaroi is 6.8% per day, minimum investment $10 and minimum withdrawal $1. This is my latest,  I joined about two weeks ago now. No complains so far.

I have been in these business now for almost two years now, it has been a rough ride everything I joined in the past did not work very well with me. But like I said in the past two months I have been progressing towards greater heights.

Remember to invest wisely. 

Invest small and have patience

Recover your seed and use the system's money to generate your income

Move to the next best and start again from scratch

In the long run you have a lot of platforms that are generating small incomes into a bigger one.

Proof of income may be sent on request. 

Stay blessed.

Here are my links: https://bitstrategy.net/?ref=Rightoption1


This article was published on 23.08.2016 by Themba Mkhize
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