Network Marketing Be A Profitable Business Model If You Understand What It Is.

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Are you looking for an opportunity?  I have one. But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Regie Sawyer and I have been an internet and network marketer for over 10years.  I am also an administrative assistant by profession and a minister.  I love telling people about the love of God.   I am married and have three grown children.

I have been fortunate to work in some of the world’s major industries, namely Travel, Telecommunications and Health and Pharmaceutical, and have supported high level executives in Corporate America.  

I have the experience and the knowledge to build a successful team in any network marketing company.  But personally, I chose the travel industry after looking at the pros and cons of all the industries.  Nearly everyone I come across loves to travel. Friends like to go in groups, couples like to save, churches and organizations like to go on missions and volunteer work, etc.  Every time you turn around, someone is planning to take a trip.  They are my potential customers, and they can become yours too.

So if you love to travel, love to go on excursion trips or even if you love to volunteer, we need you.  This is the perfect opportunity for you. It is fun, exciting and financially rewarding!  Your potential prospects are work, in school, at the gym, at church, in your community and almost everywhere you go.   

 The Travel industry is strong and the company I represent is stable and have a solid reputation.  They pass the savings to you, making it cheaper for you to travel and have fun.   They also have a powerful compensation for the business opportunity that can help you become financially free.

So I’m looking to help at least six (6) people that wants to start their own network marketing business in the travel industry.  If you are ready to invest a little time and money, we can build a strong team together.  Start making plans to retire early by getting involved with a company that has the potential to make that possible.

Years ago, building a network marketing business was almost impossible.  It was a daunting hill to climb, but those who had the passion, stuck with it.  They saw the big picture and not the challenges.  They put in the hard work and made things happened. As a result, some are still receiving residual checks for work they did years ago.  That’s the power of Network Marketing.  

The door has been opened.  Technology and social media has made it a little easier. The concept has been proven to work.  It is doable and profitable.   

So come on board and join us.  Let’s have fun and build together. Even if you’ve failed before, you can still begin again. It’s a win-win situation.   

Network marketing simply works!  Compared to opening a traditional brick-and-mortar store, it is less stressful, easier and cheaper to start and build.  There’s no complicated paperwork, no licenses or permits or zoning laws.  And if you are a strong marketer and a people person, you can start profiting in a relatively short period of time.

Come let's make a!

This article was published on 08.06.2016 by Regie Sawyer
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