One opportunity to rule them all!

Here we are, it's time to show you how to make money

with MyAdvertisingPays.

MAP is the simplest way to make money. For a small 5

10 minutes of work per day, you will earn money every 20


Euro 1300 more per month for 5 minutes of work per day, it is a

life changing for many people.

And so to win this Euro 1300, you did not have to recruit or sell

products, it is even more interesting.

Is this Euro 1300 would change your life?

That's exactly what MyAdvertisingPays.

Equal opportunity for everyone to improve their lives.

Understand that MyAdvertisingPays sharing 95% of these profits with

these members. You win depending on your rank and according to the actual sales

MyAdvertisingPays. Over the business makes money, the more we fesont.

To enjoy the benefit of sharing, you must be a member and have at

least one active credit pack

1-To start, you need to register for free

MyAdvertisingPays. Here is the link to register.

I'll be your sponsor. I will support you throughout your

adventure and I'll make sure to make you successful.

2. Have at least 1 pack of active advertising credit. Each pack

credit cost you 49.99 euros. Once mature, it expires and pack

you earn 55 euros.

-How To buy your first pack?

With the payment processor Gateway VX (VX French footbridge)

you can buy your first credit card packs, VX gateway

resume complete information of your account MAP at 1 purchase (that

either validated or not, this will create an account on VX gateway, processor

used by MAP to purchase or withdraw cash).

Click Buy Advertising on your backoffice (pub Purchase)

select packs

Credit, then use VX Gateway to pay.

To make the most of MyAdvertisingPays system, you must have

1000 active packs. At this point, you'll Diamond and can start

remove a good amount of money by mois.Vous can withdraw your money

at any time when your pack expires but to actually remove the

maximum, we must redeem packs with your winnings.

Example: You begin the adventure with 5 packs. These packs bring you

money every 20 minutes. Once your account is 50 euros,

you purchase a new pack (without leaving money in your pocket). You

and have 6 packs that work for you and so on. It's a


If you are patient and wait until you start to 1000 packs

withdraw, you will make a passive income and very interesting.

It is very simple. You do not have to change anything to be your


The only thing you MyAdvertisingPays demand as work is

10 view advertisements on the platform daily.

As you see, MyAdvertisingPays bit much for you report

very little.

It is important to understand that we all paid every 20

minutes all day and especially ... from the very first day! this would

same for you!

In my next email, I will talk about advertising in

MyAdvertsingPays and another way to earn money through


At any time, you can email me for more information on how

to earn money or registration.

To register:

This article was published on 03.08.2016 by Sébastien Goulet
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