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Because we are all members of MLM Gateway then I can assume we all have at least one thing in common. Somewhere deep down inside of you there lies that desire and will to put the internet to use for something more than just games, social media, or even research. You have thought about the possibility of picking up a few dollars on the side.  Am I right?

Well let me tell you – the internet in the past 15 years has created more millionaires throughout the world then every other income earning method put together in the history of the world. Now I’m not saying you can become a millionaire or even make a 5 digit income per week, but what I am saying is everybody, regardless of computer knowledge, education, or even working capital has the ability to make $500 p/w or more if they have the desire.

How? By following a simple proven system I have created. A system being released (within the next week) to the rest of the world in an eBook form that is going to sell for the small price of just $34.99 – but because you are  a member of MLM Gateway, I am offering you this “copyrighted” system for FREE – Yes, you read that correctly -- Free!

Of course, like everything that is free in this world of cyberspace -- there is a catch!

What I am asking in return is that after you read the eBook and if there is the chance that you should decide that you are not capable of doing what it requires than you MUST delete the file. However, if after reading it and you do decide to follow the system, like I believe you will, then you WILL agree to have $35.00 deducted from your first commission check. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Previous success, failures, experience, inexperience, or credibility will not make an ounce of difference in the outcome. There is no telling, no selling, no parties, no bothering your friends, and no chance of failure when you follow “The Success System That Will NOT Fail”.

So, as a great man once said, "Where there is nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful, by all means try.

Reserve your copy by emailing me at and just asking me to reserve your copy…

I close by welcoming you to the world of financial freedom…

Rick Backstrom

Dr. MLM, PhD.

This article was published on 15.09.2016 by Richard Backstrom
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