Script For Getting People To Show Up For Your Business Presentation (It Works!)


How many times have you told someone about your business, and had them agree to show up for a presentation or a 3 way call?

Now, how many actually showed up for the scheduled time?

For many network marketers, they find that they struggle with getting people to actually show up for a scheduled presentation, or call.

Why is this?

Well I will explain why they do not show up, and more so...

What to do to get them to actually show up almost EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Say Less To More People

One issue, is many people say more to less people, instead of saying way less to way more people.

The less a person knows about what the call or presentation will be, the higher the chances of them being curious and showing up becomes.

Never tell any type of hint about what they are going to see, and avoid answering any questions before you get to the presentation.

Of course, now you may be asking "how do I do that" when of course they will ask questions if I ask them to a scheduled meeting.

Well, now you know you need to say less, and I'll answer that question so you can start lining up your schedule with tons of presentations.

What To Say

Here is the for meeting someone in person, and getting them to show up for a presentation.

Keep in mind, you don't have to use this word for word, you can make it your own.

Just keep the main points the same, and once you grasp it, you will be able to get lots of presentations out the door.

Here is where you meet a prospect, and want to invite that new person:

NOTE: Do not mention the invite until the very end of your conversation. You will need to create a B.I.C (break in communication) to have an excuse to exit the conversation quickly and be in a hurry. You MUST BE IN A HURRY!

You: I just realized I have a conference call in 2 minutes I must get on. But it was great speaking with you (prospect's name). I wanted to ask right fast, since you seem like a smart individual (complement prospect), if you or someone you know is looking for ways to make some extra money on the side?

Prospect: Yes, what is it? (prospect will most likely ask questions)

You: Well I really have to get on this call soon, so I tell you what I can do. If you give me your contact info, I promise you I will get back to you with the details and explain everything. (avoided all questions, because you don't have time and they knew that before they even asked)

(Prospect will give info or refuse)

Prospect: I don't give out my information

You: Okay, I understand. It was nice talking with you and have a great day (never change your stance, just leave with no presentation to give)

Prospect In Many Cases: Well, I'll let you have it, just be sure to call me soon. (some will change their stance, and that's great. But you never do)

Curiosity Kill The Cat

If a person does not know what they are about to learn or see, they are more likely to show up for a presentation or 3 way call.

If you have told them any details (or like many where you tell them all) the prospect will likely get a negative mind and not show up.

Leave them curious, and excited to know what they are going to see.

Never pitch the invite to a presentation or 3 way call without first creating your B.I.C.

Using a B.I.C will be the blocker to avoid questions without raising a prospect's red flags.

This ideal works with any situation or any where. 

Did This Help?

If this opened your eyes on why you may not be getting more people to show up for presentations, please  leave a comment below. Also, shoot me over a connection request so we can connect and continue sharing good info with one another.

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This article was published on 17.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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