How to succeed with your Online Business

You have taken initiative towards your own personal success and I know it will be just a matter of time before you are earning a consistent income online. 

BUT, today I want to discuss the idea of ENSURING your success.

I can honestly tell you that there is a sure way to achieve success online, but first I want to help you understand how to achieve success through my personal journey from back in 2002 when I started out. This is will give you a ton of perspective on how success happened for me and how it will likely “look” like for you.

Here is my story...

I started back in 2002. No job. No incoming flow of money. Notta.

Just some really hefty school bills as I was attending college with my very good friend Carson. Both of us at the time were piling up “debt” (the idea of which I have always hated). I still remember that day someone told me I could make money on the Internet and they showed me proof that they were earning money. 

Guess who showed me this?

Carson, whom 3 years later I joined up with and we created a very successful online business (after we both independently created successful affiliate businesses online).

This was my first “taste” of starting something on my own, so I was not quite sure what sort of revenue to expect. The first month I worked my butt off, creating a website (which was an arduous task back then) and building some, what I thought at the time was, quality content.

My first month I made a whopping $0. I worked hard with ZERO revenue.

Did I give up?

Absolutely not. Although I wasn’t financially successful, I had created a website. My very own website. That was a freakin’ accomplishment to me! I had also learned how to write a page of content and get it published. These were both successes in my eyes. I was still in the process of learning and building my foundation from the skills acquired on WA Site. Really, how could I be mad at myself, I was in the process of spending $10,000’s in school fees and several YEARS of schooling before I ever had the chance to make money. 

So moving on, guess what I made my 2nd month?


Now you are probably saying, what the hell Kyle, why didn’t you quit? The reason. I had built my foundation for success and I knew from other “success stories” and the fact that the Internet had billions of people buying stuff online every day, that an online business was a reality for me. I just had to give it time and make it work! I knew I was getting close. I was....and my hard work from the first two months PAID off.

Early in month 3, I made my first SALE online. WOOHOO! I nearly jumped out of my seat when I logged into my affiliate account and saw a sale of just over $40!!

And from there, things started to snowball. The work I had done in the first two months started to pay dividends. I keep on learning vital skills on WA site JOIN FREE

Then by Month 6: I was making a consistent income. I was able to pay off all my student debt and I was able to fund my “school” lifestyle. :)

By Month 12: I was pretty much full time. I was earning enough to work full time, but I was still scared of the idea of working from home. This fear quickly dissolved and a few months later I started to work from home full time.

And here we are 11 YEARS Later: I am still working from home and I love EVERY MINUTE of it! I would not trade this lifestyle for the world.

I just had my first child (baby girl, Scotland) and I couldn’t imagine how much more difficult it would have been if I wasn’t able to work from home and help my wife with the day to day duties. :)

BUT, none of this would have been possible if I quit. If I gave up. If I said after that second month of $0 in revenue, “this doesn’t work”.

This leads me to YOU and YOUR success. How can I ensure that you will be successful online? Quite easy.

Give yourself ENOUGH time to achieve success. By this I mean, giving yourself more than a month...and even two months. Give yourself at least one year to get your own personal business and success rolling and you will ensure that you will be successful. To learn and join the community that helped me to succeed click the link below

Wish you all great success in 2016 and beyond.

This article was published on 25.06.2016 by Marian Nobell
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