Go For Yes! 5 Days Challenge

You're about to receive the secret to get people to happily say YES to YOUR products, services and opportunity so you can GET PAID TODAY (instead of always hearing NO NO NO, getting rejected, spamming, and chasing friends & family). 

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Day 1 - The 4-step plan to authentically sell more product in a way that makes you (and them) feel amazing.

Day 2 - Identify your audience's pain points so you can speak to their soul & influence them to take action.

Day 3 - My source for never-ending content ideas and daily strategy for what to post and when for max results.

Day 4 - Choosing where to establish your social media presence to tap into hungry buyers for YOUR business.

Day 5 - The secret weapon to track prospect growth and turn new social media friends into business partners.


"For the last 20+ years, the "Go For No" strategy has had me believing that rejection is part of the business building process; that people are "targets"; that you talk to everyone with a pulse; etc. NONE of it felt good and ALL of it was uncomfortable for me.

I felt like a failure! My head got full negative self-talk: "Maybe I'm not working hard enough," or, "Maybe I just don't deserve success," or "Maybe I'm not in the right company," and so on simply because I didn't understand.

And then I found this 'Go For YES' Challenge, and it's been an incredible experience with Stacey Hall. I've learned more through this 5-day challenge than I thought possible! I took a LOT of notes and I am in the process of attracting only those people who are attracted to me."

 Virginia Wright

IF Your Answer Is 'YES' to See If The 'Instant Authority Method' Is For You!

Do you want to start authentically positioning YOU as an AUTHORITY who can solve your target market's problems so you can make more money today?

Do you want to mirror and market like the top earners from this day forward to finally get top earner results?

Are you ready to become the leader, authority, and influencer you were born to be so you can build the life you and your family deserve?

Do you want ACCESS to cutting-edge 'How to Instantly Become the Authority' trainings, tactics, and marketing strategies from 6, 7, and even 8-figure earners?

Do you want the power to CONFIDENTLY STEP INTO YOUR LEADERSHIP no matter where you are at right now so you can get paid the big bucks?

Do you see VALUE in being mentored by an MLSP Co-Founder (and friends) to get more leads, sales, sign-ups and CASH than you ever dreamed possible?

Are you serious about your business and ready to take your business to the next level?


This article was published on 04.11.2021 by Kristina Grosikova
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