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"Get to know your products" It would be good to try as many different types of your product as you can quickly. Not only does this give you a basis to offer recommendations but it also helps you in developing your own story of experiences with the products. There are actually three things you need to know to effectively create a situation where a customer buys from you - 

- Know yourself

- Know your product

- Know the customer

Knowing yourself is a big part of why Personal Development is so popular, and I encourage you to pursue continuous personal development and self-education, so people (not just your customers/partners) Know, Like, and Trust you. Knowing your customer is essential, as well, in the process of getting a 'buy' decision from them. Basically, this is simply a matter of listening to your prospects describe their likes and dislikes, rather than shoving products at them as a panacea to solve all their problems. Asking questions and being curious are the best ways to get to know your customers. But today, I want to focus on Getting To Know Your Product. Think of your own shopping experiences. When was the last time you bought a product (car, lawnmower, computer, cellphone, laundry detergent, etc.), that you needed information about, from someone who didn't know anything about the product or how it could benefit you? Even if you knew you wanted to buy the product and maybe even knew a little bit about the product, didn't you go, instead, to someone who knew and could explain the product to you? That's who YOU want to be! Do you have to be an expert on every detail? It may help, but here's the definition of an 'expert' from a customer's point of view: Someone who knows more than I do and who can confidently guide me to a correct decision that satisfies me. So how do you become someone who knows more than a customer does and who can confidently discuss the benefits? LEARN everything you can! Use the products. Try different products every month, even ones you are not sure you would normally purchase. Learn the differences between the products. Read the information the company gives you and ask questions of the company or other distributors. Learn the unique benefits of each product and how it could apply to different customers. Develop your own stories, based on YOUR experiences with the products. (Keep your stories POSITIVE, however, because different people have different tastes and something that seemed 'negative' to you could be the 'cat's meow' to someone else! For example, you may not be fond of 'hot' flavors because you grew up in Kansas, while someone in Texas LOVES everything to have a 'hot' flavor.) Bottom line is you wouldn't buy a car from a salesman who couldn't tell you if it had a V8 or a V4 engine or who didn't know the difference between a manual or automatic transmission, right? Take the time, NOW, to get to know your products. You don't have to know everything (most salesmen don't) but you have to know SOMETHING MORE than the customer, something that will benefit them and help them make a decision to buy from you! Meanwhile, keep working on yourself and learning from your prospects and customers. You can become a great distributor by knowing what you need to know! Check out MY successful low cost home business opportunity by taking my FREE tour! Check out our All Natural & Organic product line You'll be glad you did!

Steve Wright

This article was published on 09.01.2016 by Steve Wright
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