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Make it a Great day an a Wonderful year!!!!!!!!! 

Wheeler Estates Inc is once again as promised offering another opportunity for thoses that want more in life, we stated in one of our other post we want a vast network of people which builds more than just a team or network it builds the visions possible for the next opportunity. Today an if you are reading this don't stop know that this is not a get rich quickly scheme. The things we do are very undertaken there is a lot of work an involved an not to mention stress in ensuring that each opportunity pans out an it's not a waste of your time. Now on these post the kind people who make this site an opportunist dream want any person or company write like a whole 400 page letter but we here at Wheeler Eatates Inc know we lost you with in the first paragraph if it didn't explicitly say how much what you're going to be doing an if it's fun to you an if you see yourself truly being there, so we must follow rules of the site an comply so these opportunities reach yous intime. 

The Entry level opportunity is for everybody you can work at your current job an do this on the side an when you feel secured take the next step. This is a WORK AT HOME JOB WHICH THE QUALIFYING REQUIREMENTS ARE AS FOLLOWED :  

    COMPUTER - some kind of desktop, laptop, tablet, is required for this position. You will need this for tracking and training purposes - this will also be the main tool used for doing company research. Your choice of tool must be an have a reliable connection, the company functions entirely from the cloud which allows our agency to access our individual and company files anywhere anytime.

INTERNET - primary way for our agents to conduct market and company research. Must be able an willing to be trained an spreadsheets an weekly online training an conference calls.

PHONE - having a dedicated phone line is ideal for this business opportunity. Be sure to answer your phone in a professional manner, don't recognize that number, just answer saying ( Hello, this is firstname, how may I direct your call today. ) We understand that his is not always financially possible, we recommend  Wewireless.tempowireless.com  a phone company for the people not just for the profits, we are very serious an dedicated to see our people succeed, an stop fighting life but take flight to their next grand memories.

WORK PLACE - establishing a space that gives you enough room to work, it's important to work comfortable because working from home can be challenging, there are many good habits we can help you to establish an creating effective work ethics for working from home. There should be no outside noise, this includes children, pets, tv's "etc". 

EMAIL - you will receive information an instructions on how to setup your professional email upon hire.

A NEED TO GROW OR SUCCEED - there isn't much that Wheeler Estates ask for once we make an opportunity available for the public, but there is One major thing we do ask in return since 99.9% of our opportunities are tried an tested an at no cost to you. We grow when you grow because one thing Wheeler Estates is sure about is the power of numbers when it comes to building an being on a team matured into a vast network. 

Please feel free to call us the CEOs we @ 480-236-2312 or if we are unavailable which happens please give our director Bob Hawkins  - 217-473-9451 a call an he will be more than willing to get you through the hiring process. We hope to hear from you an remember if you can see the cup half full, WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO TO SEE IT FULL. 

Until next time folks an for those who let this pass them by or never even made it down this far in reading well, see you at the next opportunity ????!!!!!!!!!! 

This article was published on 11.10.2016 by Wheeler Estates Inc
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Wheeler Estates Inc - Entry level, Free to join

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Wheeler Estates Inc This work at home opportunity is one of the best real working home opportunities. Real people real money for the holidays it doesn't get any easier   1 year ago

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