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Identity Theft: Are You Next?

We see, read and hear about it every day:  Identity Theft.  Many people may not be aware that identity theft is not just about credit or debit cards.  There are multiple forms of Identity Theft including Financial Identity Theft, Medical Identity Theft, Child Identity Theft, SS# Identity Theft, Tax Fraud/Tax Identity Theft, just to name a few.

When you or a family member get hit with any of the multiple forms of identity theft, you're going to want & need more than a simple credit monitoring service.  You'll want & need Licensed Fraud Investigators on your side going to work on your behalf to restore your Identity(s) to their pre-theft status.  You and your family have worked too hard to get what you've got.  Don't let identity thieves steal what you've worked for & earned.

When only the best will do, please by my guest and visit 

Our service is proactive, robust and includes a $5 Million Dollar Service Guarantee.  Now that's peace of mind for you & your family.

You may also want to know that it's a good idea to request free copies of your "Specialty Consumer Reports" annually. Many people are not aware that there are multiple consumer reporting agencies that collect, store, share, sell and otherwise process personal information on individuals and consumers.

One such "specialty consumer report" you can request for free annually is your "Fact-Act Report".  Another is your "C.L.U.E. Report".  These specialty consumer reports, among others available, should be reviewed carefully annually.  Doing so can help spot errors or signs of account misuse that could be a red flag of possible identity theft.

The best defense against becoming the next victim of identity theft is a strong, proactive offense.  When a company has a Data Breach, in many instances they'll offer credit monitoring to the affected class of individuals impacted by the Breach for 1 or 2 years.  Unfortunately the identity thieves know this as well and utilize methods that steal personal information and commit crimes with results that do not show up on a standard credit report.  As mentioned earlier, identity theft is more than financial involving credit or debit cards.  Ask anyone who has had tax returns filed in their name by someone else and they'll tell you the horror and anxiety that comes with that.

While we're on the subject of tax returns, unfortunately Tax Fraud and Tax related identity theft are at all time highs.  The IRS has a unique criminal investigations division that deals with tax identity theft and they're busier than ever.   They realize that taxpayers are at greater risks presently.  Something you may be interested in is IRS Form 14039.  You can go to the IRS official website and enter that form in the search box and print it out.  It's another helpful tool/resource that can, when taken together with other measures, help to lower your risks.

Our personal data is everywhere and in most cases out of our control.  Identity Theft, at this point in history, cannot be stopped.  However, the risks, potential liabilities and losses than can occur from any type of Identity Theft incident, can be reduced and mitigated with a very proactive Identity Theft Restoration Service such as can be found at 

If you have any questions on our services or if I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks for your time today and make it a great day.



This article was published on 06.08.2015 by Stephen Esch
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