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Do You Have a Million-Dollar Mindset?

Hi Everyone!

If you've been in the industry of network marketing for any length of time, I'm sure you've heard the sordid statistics that the majority of folks who come into our 

Why is that?  I mean I've been a part of the industry since I signed on with a company called Quixtar in the late 90"s. And I've always heard and read it. Does it bother you like it bothers me that a model that has created so many miilionaires eats up and spits out sooo many people? 

I mean the idea of running a business from home that could free you from a job is exciting.  No more fighting traffic, no more bosses with deadlines to meet. You're eligible for tax advantages you weren't aware of before.  

So what is it?  What will make you one of the few who makes it? 

Maybe a Million-Dollar Mindset? 

What will keep you focused on the goals you are trying to achieve with your business?  Do have goals?  Are they written down? It doesn't matter if you want to make just enough money to maybe make that car payment every month or your mortgage payment. Maybe your goal is total financial independence to never work for another man in your lifetime, like the top leaders in your company. 

So what's going to keep you on track to achieve them?

Maybe a Million-Dollar Mindset. 

One time years ago while attending a company convention, a speaker from stage spoke about something called the Million-Dollar Mindset. He said it was required to have ANY shot at success in our business. I was taking copious notes at the time because I could really identify with this guy. As a matter of fact, when my upline sponsor told me the list of speakers that would be at our event, it was his name that motivated me to reserve my hotel for a three-day stay, buy my ticket to the event and to drive the 500 plus miles to get there. Total cost?  Over $600  (which I didn't really have) just for that weekend alone. Never regretted coming up with the money or the expense. 

This guy was a network marketing legend. He became a multi-millionaire via network marketing at a very young age. The classic rags to riches story.  So I was all ears when he came to the stage to speak. 

He started off by repeating a question to the audience that he said was asked of him when he first got started. The question was, "What does the average person make in that THING?" He said he ignored the put down as to how the question was posed to him to answer the man's question. 

He said his answer was, "The Average person doesn't make ANYTHING!" 

He proceeded to tell the audience why this was so.  He said, "Average people will not face their fears, average people will not stretch themselves into what is needed to succeed, average people will not get out of their comfort zone, average people will not learn the skills needed, average people will not stay focused through the tough times, average people quit!" 

And that's why he proceeded to say if you don't have a Million-Dollar Mindset, then you best create one if you wish to succeed. 

There were three things that he mentioned were critical in creating  a Million Dollar Mindset: 

1. Empowerment- Making sure you surround yourself with resources that empower you. Maybe like reading 30 minutes a day from a positive motivational book like Think and Grow Rich or Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, etc. What about making your car a moving library of knowledge by listening to self-improvement CD's?  As long as it's empowering, listen to it and then get it into your head and make it stick!

2. Framing - This is where you use words to paint a picture in people's minds that will allow them to voluntarily come around to the outcome you want. For example he gave the real life scenario that's played out during presidential campaigns. Politicians are very good at "framing." And I agree wholeheartedly. One presidential candidate throws the idea out there. Another jumps on the bandwagon to say how great it would be to have it. And another who thinks it's just a political ploy. 

So where is the "Framing?" 

When politicians who earn MILLIONS of dollars per year, try and "paint" a picture for voters (who on average bring home between $30,000-$38,000 per year) that they are for the little guy. If they can put a "frame", a picture in the voters mind (in our case "prospects") the odds swing into their favor of the positive outcome they want...votes.  In our case it would be sign-ups or sales.  Framing is important when communicating with prospects. If you learn how to do it well, you increase your enrollments which means more dollars in your bank account. 

 3. Marketing - People seem to believe selling and marketing are the same thing. They're NOT! The speaker mentioned that you can be a great seller and make a lot of money. It's a known fact that sales people are some of the highest income earners in America. But lets be honest, hardly anyone really wants to sell or be a salesperson. But if you're a great marketer, you don't have to worry about being rejected, you can rely on systems that you set up and have run on autopilot 24-7. 

Bottom line, his message? Learn how to become a great marketer, but have a Million-Dollar Mindset to keep your eyes on the prize.

So... do you have a Million-Dollar Mindset?


This article was published on 12.12.2016 by Frank F. Mayes
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