How You Should Market Your Business Like A Vending Machine

I can assure you been around the market. 

I can also assume you invested money into a business you are doing?

I can preassume traffic is key to business success?

Does your business have a vending machine process?

I tend to believe you already know this?

But there are some who don't see the anatomy of funnels. Let this business announcement be a small insight on how your business you have right now, will fail without the fundamentals of a successful funnel, or at least get you to make money but not scale like many have achieved and are doing it every day.

What's a successful funnel you ask? 

Right now take a look at your website, webpage or funnel? Does it have 2 up-sells and 2 down-sells? Does it prevail the options for a 3-month payoff option, does it have tracking pixels and tag pixels allowing your offer to travel with them for the next 30 days? 

If your business does not have those options or you are not allowed to place that in your business and have to do that manually with phone calls,  follow-ups, abandonment carts, etc. You are indeed wasting traffic. 

Rule 1# Never Waste Traffic

So let's use us as an example to shed some additional light. You may have heard this a couple of times and here it is again, this is an evergreen business model. McDonald's earns the majority of its revenue by is upselling on fries and sodas. After all, you wouldn't go to MAC for a burger but want to get the whole meal. So in terms, your burger is the main offer but to complete the main offer you give them the vision. The vision of fries that go with your main offer, the thirst you will crave after your burger and fries. 

Test it out.! Next time you go to MAC or any multi-million dollar franchise ask for a burger, say the word burger. In your head, you may have meant meal, but the cashier will ask "do you want fries and a drink with that, its only cost 49-59 cents more." You and I would say sure, yes, please. 

Ladies and gentlemen we have been upsold

The perfect idea of capitalizing on your original profits. So does your business offer up-sells, or does your traffic leave and you let your emails curated over time? Does your business travel with re-targeting methods once they leave? I assume no.

What about down-sells? Having these options in place allows you to curate the lead, client, and customer to ensure they stay with you because their initial vision was they saw themselves in your business but the main offer wasn't it. This is due to many behavioral factors, easy ones are no funds to start a 1000$,397$, or 297$ business opportunities so down sell to a 4 months pay off XX$ with interests rate. 

Do you see where I am getting at? We are in an era of millions of biz opps, millions of being your own boss? But are you really if you can't help leads that want to join but you don't have certain systems in place to give them that.

SocietyGrow is a company that has it that places cogs in place so a customer can start with a 1$ trial or download a free app that will get them to start online biz, and this is automatic based on leads, customer behavior. 

We as humans are pioneers and engineers. 

Get in touch with me if you want to take you're being a boss to the next level, less work only configuring automatic cogs to your system or simply sign up and let the videos tell you exactly what steps to take.

This article was published on 04.06.2019 by Lyarnell Harris
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