Legacy Company, 6 years old, only 6000 distributors in Canada/USA/Signapore

Hello My Fellow Peers!

I just want to start by saying that I absolutely love the network marketing industry! It truly changes lives, provides lasting financial freedom while creating more time for the things that matter most in our lives! Best of all it does not discriminate! There is always something for everyone!

I am a Ruby Director with DynaMaxx International. I have been with this company for the past 2.5 years since we opened in Canada. I have created a large enough residual income, that allowed me to quit my J.O.B and stay home full time with my 3 children. We earned our free Mercedes Benz in just under 10 weeks, spent 6 weeks in Greece this past summer and still got paid each week while we were away! 

DynaMaxx is a 6 year old, debt free company, with a proven duplication model for success. We have 2 main unique and industry leading flagship products (plus a few others) that are the foundation of our business.

Lights On - For mental clarity, focus and performance. Super antioxidant, heart healthy, like “viagra” for the brain and plant based glucosamine for the joints.

Lights Off - Helps you fall into a deep REM sleep naturally, is not a sedative, raises your seratonin levels and decreases your cortisol levels, cleans your liver and restores your body while you sleep.

We are fully liscensed in Canada. We are GMP certified, Health Canada approved and have an A+ rating on the BBB.

The company has a hybrid binary/unilevel compensation plan, with 9-13 different ways of being paid. We get paid to help people succeed, mentor bonuses and cheque matching. The support, mentorship and training is phenomenal! The company also pays 65% of every dollar back to its associates. Which is the highest in the industry!

We are a front of the line opportunity as we are 6 years old with only 6000 distributors within Canada, United States and Signapore. We are opening up another 28 countries in the European Union within the next 3 weeks! Which means, all those new people will be coming in under us! There are provinces in Canada and States in the USA that don’t have a single distributor!!!

We are on the verge of hitting critical mass and this company is going to explode!!! I have never seen an opportunity like this, nor will I probably ever see one again.

This company is set up to be a household legacy company like - Amway, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Tupperware etc. Imagine were you would be if you got into one of these companies 20-30 years ago! Melaleuca had 100,000 people in the company when it came to Canada and we only have 6,000! We have an absolutely incredible opportunity in front of us with DynaMaxx.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I can also be reached by text or call my cell at 403-512-9797 or email katiejvogt@gmail.com. 

Hope you’re having a fantastic day! We truly are changing lives!


This article was published on 23.04.2016 by Katie Vogt
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