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Four Essential Money Skills You Must Know.


1} Making Money:     This simply means the avenue you used to be paid as employee or business owners.

   Beside the above ways you can be given money also. Its legitimate ways money does come in for you every day.

lt’s called your cash flow.

2} Save Money: This is the act or practice of saving part of the money in your hands to save places like banks, or where you can’t go to and get it whenever you want.

If you’re not saving part of your income regularly, it may be hard for you to start any business or diversifying to other business.

If you’re saving at all, the seed of greatness isn’t in you. By saving money in the bank, it will make it t attract more.

You need to cultivate the habit of saving.

3} Spent Money: Money is meant to be spent, but you don’t need to be spending all the money in your hands every now and then. You should have plan for it, on how much you want to invest or set aside for other business.

 Each time you spend money, you’re actually voting to be poor or rich. Your money is your vote.

    Have a budget as money come in.

    Don’t buy on impulse.

4} Multiplying Money: Money is meant to produce more of it by what you’re using it to do. The money you make in legitimate ways, you need to plan on it or it can be multiply itself by investing it or use it on other business.

Better still, you can invest it on your existing business to scale up your business.

This simplest and quick ways to multiply your capital or investment is by joining this amazing powerful business opportunity with BTC donations.

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The only out pocket money to earn or receive 19 btc donations is 0.10 btc or $62.

You don’t wait for long time before joining this simple and global business that our team member are cracking the code of moving from level 1 – last level, which is level 4 within two weeks.

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This article was published on 24.10.2016 by Olu John
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