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10 Ways to Grow your Network for a Successful Multi Level Marketing Business

From the very beginning in the year of the 1960s, the MLM marketing business has always been a business relying on building relationships with people you know to make sales and grow your business. It could be your friends, family members and relatives. Some critics say that it is not a good idea to try to recruit people from your family circle or friends because their refusal can destroy your relationship with them. That is absurd! But one thing is certain, "If your MLM business is proven to be credible, legal, and easily make good income for your friends and family, there is nothing wrong to target them to become part of your team to help them as well."

There are many other areas that can help develop your business as well. It can be any other sector in your circle. For instance, your former classmates, the organization where you are a member, your neighbors, just to name a few. 

What type of skills do you need to have to grow your business? "You must have both the relationship building and the convincing skills." In addition, you need to be a "People person". People person needs to be like a magnet to attract all types of people.

Who can be a People person? "You must have all the necessary skills like convincing skills, great communication and be funny. In addition, strangers feel comfortable with you and they do not resist your ideas when speaking with them. They easily believe in you and listen to your advice.”

Here are 10 tips to help you in this journey. Apply them and wait to see your MLM business booming daily.

Quick start your business by creating a list of potential 50 people you know. I call this 5 - 50 RULE. Give yourself 30 days after signing up with our company to complete this. Make a daily plan to at least contact people from this list and invite them to meet with you for a short presentation. Do not rush to tell about your business over the phone but instead arrange with your sponsor to help you with this. He or she is the one who can do the first 5 presentations for you.

1. Apply discipline to your daily life. Start working on your list by putting down 50 people, who you know will agree with you and might join your business. Everyone knows at least 50 people, from friends to relatives or from referral to any other sources. The idea of getting a list of 50 people you know will make a huge difference than going after unknown people at the first stage. If you have MLM experience, it will be easy for you to create this list.

You will see a drop from that list very quickly. See the example below:

  • 10 will be undecided,
  • 10 will have a false excuse not to join,
  • 10 will not show up for the presentation,
  • 10 will say, this does not work. Then finally,
  • 5 will say, I have to think about it
  • 5 will say YES!

That’s all you need to boost your business. Only 10% will say YES. Don’t worry! To start with, this is a GREAT number.

2. Integrate and cultivate relationships to network with different types of people. Never assume your friends will not be interested or think that your family and relatives should be kept private. Remember, it is easier to convince your family members to join your team than strangers. They can help you expand your business by inviting others from people they know.

3. Use social media as an opportunity to grow your base. You can create different pages on key social media like Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn to share your expertise and get new ideas from other members. Keep posting interesting and unique contents but avoid the temptation of posting about your business. Wait for the right time when members interact with your posts or comments, then you can reach them and introduce your business.

4. Listen to feedback and adjust yourself accordingly. Also, be a mentor and make yourself ready to train your team and motivate them on good strategy and method of prospecting. You need to plan weekly meetings with your team and keep consistent talk with them.

5. Set daily and weekly meetings to motivate and encourage your team. Keep a constant relationship with your team and ask them to invite OTHERS for your GROUP PRESENTATION. Be prepared to answer questions and properly handle objections by answering their questions.

6. Make yourself known in your community. People like to pair with others who they know. Get involved in your church and your community but do not rush on speaking with them about your business. Wait for the right time to speak with members of your church about your business.

7. Train yourself regularly by doing research, reading good motivation and marketing books. Listen to motivational videos and join other clubs to help build your business as quickly as possible. Follow pages and groups with good contents and objectives on social media that can enhance your knowledge and skills.

8. Be organized by creating daily plans and use your time wisely. Do not spend time on doing stuff that is irrelevant for your business. Manage your time and prioritize your daily activity to reach your goal.

9. Search for the right products or services to sell. Be very careful when making decisions to join a MLM business. A good MLM opportunity must have support, an informative website that helps understand their products and services. They should provide good materials to help members. Also, their products or services must be very competitive. More importantly, a MLM business must be credible, legal and have products or services that are unique in the market. 

10. Finally pick the right products or services to sell. Preferably a Business to Business or (B2B) products or services can be a good bet. For instance, a Directory, marketing and networking MLM business can sell easily to companies because it can help boost their sales and revenues, and at the same time solve their issues.

Follow this simple piece of advice and remember, “Don’t listen to negative thoughts and others that will tell it will NOT work. What does not work for them, will surely work for you.” GOOD LUCK in your journey!!!

This article was published on 08.10.2022 by Francis W. JEUNE
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