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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. ~ Bruce Lee 

Will I ever say I’m part of “the best” company with “the best” compensation plan.. no. I’ve been naive enough to say this before and turns out.. I wasn’t right. What I will say is... I searched high and low for very specific things and this company was the ONLY one that checked off all those boxes. 

A month  ago I was scared. I was doing okay, but my check was dropping. I had ZERO collaboration with the corporate team and when I got a meeting, it was clear I had ZERO clout my paycheck dropping wasn’t the scary part, it was my teams paychecks dropping. 

I had learned enough in 4.5 years to know that my non-negotiables were consistent, easily taught systems, a fair compensation plan, timing that would serve as an edge for my friends, and mentorship. 

Lemme tell you what our CEO told us yesterday that our team has been one of the fastest growing in the company all year. This has nothing to do with “my winning” and it has EVERYTHING to do with the sheer amount of astronomical rank ups happening monthly. Thousands of rank ups every month. The timing NOW is better than when I joined a month ago. Hard to believe that right? But y’all, it’s Bitcoin 2014 strong right now. 

Our systems are air-tight and our culture is something I guard with my life. Our compensation plan is one of the most generous I have ever scene and the payout will surely make you say “BUT HOW?!!”

But the products….. you guys the products are LIFE CHANGING!! As a “Rona Long Hauler”, what I’m told we are called, these products have made my life so much better. Raw whole food plant based products that truly give you hope! Type 1 medical grade liquid collagen, whole flower CBD fluid, digestive enzymes, cellular regeneration, etc.

Not to mention... we are about to BLOW THE LID off the industry. Mark my words , we are about to do something literally no one else has done. 

The seat next to me is free. I have layers of high level leaders in place ready to help. It’s kind of a big deal


This article was published on 05.08.2021 by Heather Lakin
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