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All over the world fuel prices are skyrocketing! Our product gives you the ability to address the biggest pain point in the world right now and earn a commission while doing so.

To increase fuel efficiency, improve vehicle performance, lower maintenance costs and reduce carbon emissions, use B-ECO Fuel Tabs prior to re-fuelling your vehicle. Used by commercial fleets for years, now available to the public, B-ECO Fuel Tabs is an amazing fuel catalyst and engine cleaner. It has been shown to improve fuel consumption by up to 25%.

Unlike typical fuel additives on the market that acts as a detergent to clean the vehicle’s engine of deposits, B-ECO Fuel Tabs is a highly concentrated fuel catalyst that actually affects the way fuel is burned.  Diesel and gasoline contain hydrocarbon molecules of varying sizes. By adding a B-Eco Fuel Tab into your vehicle’s gas tank prior to filling up, the catalyst will alter the composition of the fuel (breaking the molecules up into smaller, equal size particles) resulting in a more speedy combustion process and faster energy release over a longer period of time – all while removing carbon build-up from your car’s engine.

The EPA registered technology behind the B-ECO Fuel catalyst has been subjected to the most rigorous testing, including by some of the largest and most prestigious test laboratories in the USA. It has been shown to improve fuel consumption by up to 18% on average (an increase of 10% to 25% has been reported).

This innovation has been around for years and mainly used by large trucking fleets, motor racing industry, equipment rental companies, oil and gas industry, mining industry, agriculture and other commercial and industrial consumers - now available to the general public to experience the same benefits.

So to recap:

• less frequent trips to the gas station - saving you money

• Increased MPG (miles per gallon), which in turn promotes fuel efficiency

• Fuel consumption reduced by up to 25%,

• Fewer carbon emissions

• Increased power and performance

• Removes carbon build-up from the internal parts of the engine

• When used consistently, it results in reduced vehicle maintenance cost

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This article was published on 01.07.2022 by Arlene La Vigre
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