Heard of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank? Want in on what he has going now?

You've heard of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank right?  I don't even watch the show but I know who he is!  Have you heard of Jim Britt?  He is a very famous and well known motivational and public speaker.  He's written roughly 14 books and if you don't know who he is, google him to find out and expand your universe!  Joel Saucedo is nicknamed the "dot com" guy!  He is phenomenal and considered an expert in internet marketing.  I have followed and done business with Joel for the better part of 15 years or more.  These guys are the "real deal".  Have you heard of the book and movie "The Secret"? Did you see how that book and move became what just about every person around the world ate, slept and breathed for a year or two!  WELL.....  Cracking the Rich Code will be even bigger!  CHECK OUT HOW YOU CAN BE INVOLVED

Jim Britt wrote a book and he has been approached about turning that book into a movie!  This will make "The Secret" look like small potatoes.  It will dwarf the sales.... it is going to be huge as Jim travels around the country speaking and promoting the book and movie and Kevin Harrington is behind the whole idea because he believes in the entire concept and Joel is on board to make sure the "internet marketing" leg of this entire undertaking to do nothing more than drive sales and make those who are on board NOW, a whole whole lot of money.  Think about if you could have tapped in on the revenue that was created because of the book "The Secret" becoming a movie.  It was a blockbuster smashing success!  Again, this will dwarf all of that!  

You need to take a look at this TODAY!  If you believe in being at the right place at the right time, you have brought that very belief to light by reading this announcement.  GO, to this page NOW and make sure you do not miss out!!  BE A CO-AUTHOR or at least jump on board to make a huge profit on marketing this while it is still brand new.  This isn't going to end until there are a whole lot of rich people cashing in on this NEXT HUGE THING!  

This article was published on 04.04.2019 by Joan Nielsen
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